The Living Word in 3D

The Living Word in 3D V

In The Beginning…” These words have been familiar to millions over millennia. Yet, even after all this time, could there be more to discover in this ancient verse? In this remarkable book, writer C.J. Lovik begins his journey of exploration into a code embedded into the Book of Genesis – a hidden communication that discloses the redemptive plan of God and gives us a portrait of the coming Messiah. Volume One in the Living Word series sets the framework for Lovik’s in depth studies.

Full ADAM Interview

(30 minutes)

3D Hebrew Explained in 1 Minute

(1 minute)

Full Shalom/Peace Interview

(30 minutes)

Hebrew in 3D - What Is It?

(3 minutes)

Why Should I Get The Book?

(3 minutes)

YHVH - The Name of the Lord

(10 minutes)

How Can We Trust The Pictures?

(6 minutes)

We Have the Text: Why The Pictures?

(18 minutes)

Jeff Speichinger Interview

(6 minutes)

Why Bother with the Old Testament?

(10 minutes)

What People Are Saying...

“A wonderful addition to my library. ”

“The Living Word in 3D has been a wonderful addition to my library. The author simplifies the complex Hebrew into an easy-to-repeat process which allows me to do my own Hebrew word studie. 5-stars!”

Wayne K.

Pennsylvania, USA

“Five stars all the way!”

“C.J. has done an incredible job of...showing how the numeric and pictorial letters found in the Hebrew language bring formerly undiscovered depth and understanding to a conventional Bible study. I highly recommend this to anyone with a curious mind.”

Steve P.

Washington, USA

“ is so encouraging...”

“The author of this book desires to bring us closer to God. The Gospel found in Genesis 1:1. Amazing!”

Jeff S.

Zambia, Africa

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