Jerusalem; Who Owns It? – Part III

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In our last two articles, we have been looking at Zechariah chapter 12:1-3 paying special attention to verse 2a:

Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling

We examined this prophecy in light of the events that happened in the “6 Day War” in light of Zechariah 12:3:

And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

We discovered that the literal Hebrew interpretation of the "Burdensome Stone" is both obvious and a play on words.

The literal Hebrew interpretation of the phrase "Burdensome Stone" is a Lading Stone

The literal Hebrew says that anyone that burdens themselves with the lading stone will be lacerated.

Have we already witnessed the fulfillment of this prophecy or is it future?

Three countries invaded Israel on June 5th, 1967 and by June 10th of the very same year all three countries had not only lost the war but each also lost territory.

  • Syria’s laceration came in the form of losing the Golan Heights.
  • Egypt’s laceration came in the form of losing the Sinai.
  • Jordan’s laceration came in the form of losing the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Isn’t this exactly what the prophet Zechariah prophesied?

Has the prophecy now been completely fulfilled?

The answer is NO! 

The prophecy regarding the struggle over the boundaries and title deed to Jerusalem rages on to this day. 

Fifty years later, in 2017, Jerusalem is prominently in the news as the entire world is intoxicated and obsessed with the fate and status of Jerusalem.

Notice that we, living in that indeterminate amount of time, allowed for this prophecy to unfold.

We are living in that period of time when the nations are trembling on the threshold waiting for the final outcome of the prophecy.

Now let’s discover the end times prophetic harbinger that Zechariah as he was moved by the Holy Spirit clearly placed in the phrase that is translated into English as "cup of trembling".

The first thing we learn when we go back and carefully read this passage in the original Hebrew is that Zechariah did not use the phrase cup of trembling; he quite literally revealed something much more ominous.

The original Hebrew translation of this passage is not cup of trembling but rather THRESHOLD OF SHIVERING.

While the words Shivering and Trembling are synonymous, the words Cup and Threshold are not.

Words matter and in this case, they matter a great deal.

What is a Threshold?

It is a place where you enter a new place.  A threshold is a small space that holds up something that can be passed through with a single step.

Even in our English language, we understand that if we are at the Threshold of something it means that we are about to make a decision that will alter our lives and change our perspective and experience. 

We are about to step into something that is new and different.

The Threshold the Scriptures discloses is not neutral. 

It is not just a space that simply separates one thing from another. This threshold is a place that once stepped upon is going to result in untold misery, fear and anxiety. This is a place so awful that it causes the knees to shake and the body to shiver with icy trepidation and fear. 

What does this threshold represent?

Let’s discover the answer by looking at the five Hebrew letters that make up the two Hebrew words translated Threshold of Shivering

First, we will look at what the pictures embedded in each of the 5 Hebrew letters that compose the phrase Threshold of Shivering disclose.


Picture Meaning of Threshold of Shivering

(English left to right)



 (Hebrew Right to Left)



The revelation begins with the picture of the prop holding up a branch that would break without its support. This is a perfect picture of what the prophet Zechariah had in mind.


The question is this, what is being held up by the prop?

The answer is discovered in the picture of the letter Pey, the Hebrew letter pictured as a mouth.

To complete the puzzle based on the pictures, we need to ask what is being propped up?

It appears that something is being propped up by the mouth. 

In other words, something that is spoken and believed by the nations of the world is being propped up by words that come forth out of a mouth.

Whose mouth?

This question has two answers.

Let’s take a look at the obvious answer based on the blaring headlines that can be read around the entire world that proclaim that Jerusalem does not belong to God or His chosen people.

Jerusalem, according to the United Nations, is not the capital of Israel.

Are these the words that come forth from the mouth that is being propped up by almost all the nations of the world?  It certainly seems to be the case.

Are these words being spoken by the nations of the world in harmony with God's Word?

The answer is NO!

So, while it would be possible that the picture of the Prop and the Mouth could be a picture of God doing the propping up and God doing the Speaking, we discover that this is not what the LORD was communicating to us in Zechariah 12. 

To discover the author of the words that are putting the world at peril, we need to examine the next Hebrew word where we discover the evil mastermind behind the big picture of the entire world on the Brink of Destruction.

So, who do you suppose is behind these words?

Who is it that denies that Yeshua is the Son of God?

Who is it that has laid false claim to Jerusalem in order to try to make the Word of God of no effect? 

Remember that God announced through His prophets that Jerusalem belonged to Him.

The Scriptures tell us who is behind these lies and the attempt to steal Jerusalem away from its rightful owner.

The answer is Satan acting through the human agents that have been seduced by his deception.


The Trembling or Shivering spoken of by the prophet Zechariah gives us the answer to who is at the root of the words also become obvious when you consider that dispute over the ownership of Jerusalem will bring the entire world to the threshold of a World War according to the Scriptures. (read Ezekiel 38)

Let’s take a look at the three letters in the Hebrew word translated Trembling in English and rendered Shivering in the literal Hebrew.


Who do we discover as the root of Trembling and Shivering?

It must be stated that those that oppose God will find themselves Trembling. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. 

To be found unfavorably associated with God, to be in His hands is a frightful circumstance beyond remedy since no higher or mightier power can appeal to. 

Is this the picture we find in Zechariah?

Perhaps it is, and in one sense it can be stated with certainty that this is the case.


One day every knee will bow, willingly or unwillingly. The wicked will tremble and wish for the mountains to fall upon them in order to escape the penetrating view    of Yeshua who will cause all to understand   that only those who followed Him and listened to His Voice of Authority    will escape the judgment that will fall upon the entire world.

Could this picture also have another prince in mind? I believe another prince is in mind, not the prince of heaven but the prince of the power of the air. 

The dark prince who is that father of lies and deceit.

Keep in mind that in the context of the prophetic verse we find in Zechariah, those standing on the Threshold are there because they have believed, propagated and are willing to shed innocent blood for a lie. 

What is the LIE? 

It is a lie about the ownership of Jerusalem, the city owned by God and coveted by Satan and all those who follow him, wittingly or in ignorance. But at its root, it is a lie about the ownership of the entire world. It is a lie about the Creator, and ultimately it is a lie about Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, the Messiah rejected by Israel. 

So why are they trembling?

One answer is in the picture. 

I say one answer because this particular prophetic picture as I have mentioned before has many layers that are all complimentary as they illuminate a truth from several different vantage points.

You should tremble if you are under the leadership of Satan, the Dark Prince who has opened up your understanding and given you insight that is contrary to the literal revealed word of God. 

But are they trembling? Are the nations full of fear or are they full of something else?

The nations are full of pride and arrogance. They do not fear the LORD or even recognize His authority in the world He created. They mock Him and knowingly or unknowingly try and pervert His word. They are not Trembling, they are not Shivering. They are ranting and raving full of hubris and false indignation. 

If Satan is your voice of authority, then you are ultimately going to perish under his leadership. Satan’s destination is judgment followed by eternal separation from God in a place so terrible that it causes those who are wise to tremble and quake. 

But those deceived do not tremble or quake or shiver in fear. NOT YET!

Those that follow Satan will also come under the same judgment and be sent to the place prepared for Satan and his demons, but of that fact, they are in blissful denial. They don’t get it, YET!

But standing on the threshold between earth and heaven, with the entire world confident of success as they ply their evil plans, they will be given a revelation that will cause their proud knees to shake and their stiff necks to bend.

God is about to come out from behind the curtain and do a mighty work that will bring the entire unbelieving world to the threshold of reality.

The world is about to find out who owns Jerusalem, and I pity anyone who is on the wrong side of the answer to that question.

The End


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  1. Thank you so much for all your studies & sharing them with us. I so enjoy these posts !

  2. Trece says:

    Oh that they might know Him and His amazing works, and to bow at His feet in extreme humility and overwhelming gratitude for His sacrifice!

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