The Messianic Meaning of JOB

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Job 1:1
There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.

Most of us know the story of Job but have you ever wondered if there was anything special about his name?
Does the name of Job have a Messianic meaning and if it does what does it have to do with us?
This question and more will be answered, coming right up.

The Story of Job

Part 10

The Messianic Meaning of JOB




Beyt        Vav    Yood    Aleph


Let’s examine the Picture meaning of the name JOB, the Hebrew word composed of

Aleph pictured as the Ox, The Strong Leader

Yood pictured as the Hand doing a deed

Vav pictured as the Iron Nail that fastens and secures

Two things together

And finally, Beyt pictured as a Tent or House


These are the four Hebrew Pictograms that compose the Picture meaning of the name of JOB. As you consider these pictures, what comes to mind?

Can you discover the Messianic message in the pictures embedded in the name of Job?   

Consider a startling message delivered by the Messiah thousands of years after the time of Job.

This message that echoes the meaning hidden in the name of Job is recorded in the Gospel of John chapter 14 verses two and three.  

Listen to the words of Jesus as He comforts His disciples just before He leaves them to return to His home in heaven. Jesus said:

 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.



Beyt        Vav    Yood    Aleph


Now, look at the promise hidden in plain sight in the name of JOB.


ALEPH – God the Father is going to 

YOOD – Accomplish a mighty deed ordained in heaven

VAV – In order to secure for man

BEYT – A heavenly home that is fashioned by the Son of God.


Obviously, the message is clear enough but we must wonder how this miracle is possible. How are imperfect sinners once at enmity with God suddenly welcomed into God’s perfect household?

The answer is found in the middle of the name of Job.



Beyt      Vav     Yood  Aleph

The first thing you need to notice is that this message is surrounded by an Aleph and a Beyt, the first and last Hebrew letters in the name of Job.




Beyt        Vav    Yood    Aleph


Why is this important?

Aleph is not only the first letter in the name of Job, it is the first letter in the Hebrew Aleph Beyt. It is the also the number 1 and represents God the Father.

Beyt is the LAST letter in the name of Job; it is the second letter in the Hebrew Aleph Beyt.  Beyt is also the number 2 and represents God the Son.

Do you see the message in the first and last letters in the name of Job?

The Aleph and the Beyt is a picture of the FATHER Aleph Beyt that includes Beyt the SON. 

Between the Aleph and the Beyt and between God the Father and God the Son is a revelation for all mankind hidden in the name of Job.
God the Father represented by the number 1 is the one that initiates the plan to bridge the gap and heal the breach that separates man from his Heavenly Father.

God the Son represented by the Number 2 is the one that accomplishes the Father’s plan to save mankind.

The mystery of the name of Job contains a promise. Job’s name promises a home in heaven. This promise is surrounded by the Aleph and the Beyt; Aleph, God the Father is the one who initiates.

Beyt, God the SON is the one that accomplishes.

The question is what was initiated by God the Father and accomplished by God the Son. The answer can be found in the two letters in the middle of Job’s name. 

What do you suppose the two letters in the middle reveal?

The two letters in the middle of the name of Job are the Yood and the Vav.

So let’s look at What is in the Middle


Vav     Yood


What is in the middle of Job’s name that gives us hope that God the Father is going to secure a place in heaven for sinful man?

The answer is found in YOOD, the number 10. 

Ten is one of four Sacred Numbers that means Ordinal Perfection.

What does the number 10 – Ordinal Perfection mean?

In a nutshell, Ordinal Perfection, the number 10, means that God has ordained a plan in heaven that will unfold on earth in order to accomplish God’s Divine will. 

It is not a surprise then that the Sacred name of God YHVH begins with the Sacred Number 10; the Hebrew letter Yood that is pictured as a Hand doing a divine deed. 

What does Yood tell us?

Yood, the number 10 tells us that God is a GOD that has a plan; a divine plan for men and women that love Him.

So what have we learned?

We have learned that the transportation of Man from earth to heaven, where we go to be with God the Father to live as an adopted member of the family of God, in a place prepared by God the Son, is all based on a PLAN of GOD.

Notice again that it is a plan that secures for us this amazing heavenly destiny. 

Next to the Yood pictured as a Hand and the number TEN we see the Hebrew letter Vav.

Vav is pictured as the Iron nail and is also the number 6, the number of MAN. Do you see the symbol of the Iron Nail as it makes a connection or attachment on behalf of sinful man?

Is our eternal destiny secured by an Iron Nail?

It takes little imagination to see the Messianic significance of VAV the letter that secures for us the promise found in the name of JOB. The promise echoed by the Savior Himself just before He went back to His kingdom in heaven. The promise that God the Father is going to secure a home for us that has been prepared by God the Son.

Mention an Iron Nail in reference to God’s plan for man and how the Son of God accomplished the Father’s will and what comes to mind?

If you’re trusting in Christ what comes to mind is that you and I are on the reserved guest list for an apartment in heaven and all because of the plan of God that has as one of its revelations a small seemingly unimportant Iron Nail.

The Iron Nail. What a bittersweet vision it unfolds before us.

What is the secret to understanding the Messianic message in the name of JOB? Job, the man who declared this prophecy to be true as recorded in Job 19:25-26 says:

 For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:

Job who believed in the resurrection of and the LIFE secured by a Savior has the mystery of the means of that security and sure hope hidden in the THIRD letter of his own name.

Our Savior willingly grasped the iron nail in order that one day we might, along with Job, see our Savior face to face and be swept gloriously into His household to be with Him forever. 

Have you looked up and seen the Savior secured to the wooden cross?

Have you trusted in Him and Him alone for your complete salvation?

Have your sins been covered by the perfect and precious blood of Yeshua?

If you have, then you can take great comfort in the fact that Job is now your middle name. 

Receive the free gift of God’s Salvation. Simply look to the Cross and see your Savior, cast all your sins upon Him, trust Him as the only substitutionary atonement that will be received as a perfect sacrifice by God the Father and you will one day live in a perfect heaven having been both cleansed and glorified by a perfect Savior who joyfully came to earth in order that you might be Saved.

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