Abel and the Mystery of the Second Son (Part II)

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The Mystery of
The Pictographic and Numeric
 Meaning of Abel





30                   2                    5

Lamed             Beyt               Hey

There are layers and layers of mysteries just waiting to be revealed in the three letters Hey, Beyt and Lamed. The name Abel.  Mysteries hidden in plain sight in the beginning that reveal the end.

One of the mysteries about Abel is only discovered when you understand the pictographic and numeric message that has been embedded in the name.

So what is the Picture meaning of Abel?



30                   2                    5

Lamed             Beyt               Hey


The first puzzle piece is found in the first letter in the name of Abel. The name Abel sounds like it should begin with the letter Aleph but actually, it begins with the letter Hey. The letter Hey is pictured as a man lifting his hand to receive revelation from heaven. Hey is often the picture of the Holy Spirit who brings revelation and understanding to the human heart.  Hey can represent the Spirit of Grace and Truth.

The second puzzle piece in the name of Abel is the letter Beyt.  Beyt is pictured as a house or the tent. The Son of God is often pictured as BEYT, the second letter in the Hebrew Alphabet.

The third letter in the nazme of Abel is the letter Lamed.  Lamed is pictured as a Shepherd's Staff.  It is no accident that Abel was a shepherd. Abel was the one that tended the sheep and it was Abel who had the voice of authority with the sheep he tended and cared for. 

When it was time to offer the Lord a sin offering it was Abel that presented and sacrificed a perfect lamb from his flock. The Lord accepted the sacrifice of Abel. 

Are you beginning to see the Messianic mystery emerge from the shadow and types in the story of Cain and Abel?

Let’s take a look at the last two letters in the name of Abel. The letters Beyt and Lamed. What do they mean?

 BEYT is pictured as the SON who is LAMED the picture of the voice of authority. 

It is a wonderful thing if the Son is exercising authority that has been given to him by his Father. 

Where is Abel getting his authority?

When it comes to Abel we are left in no doubt. 

Abel is the not the rebellious son who is putting his own ideas and plans ahead of the father's plans. He is receiving revelation from the Holy Spirit.

How do we know that?

The answer is found in the primary and first letter in the name of Abel, the letter Hey.

Hey is the picture of revelation and grace. 

The Messianic picture meaning of Abel is as stunning as it is simple. 

Abel is the son who is receiving and acting upon revelation that is being given to him by God’s Spirit. 

Abel’s obedience to the voice of the Father as it is revealed to him by the Holy Spirit is a picture forecast of another Son sent from Heaven who is going to obey the voice of his Heavenly Father. 

It is a picture of the perfect Son of God who will be the Good Shepherd that lays His life down for His sheep.

Now you know the picture meaning of Abel.

When you add the picture to the number meaning, the message becomes even more lucid and powerful.

Hey, the first letter in the name of Abel, is the number 5. Five is the number of Grace.

Beyt, the second letter in the name of Abel, is the number 2. Two is the number of the Second person of the Trinity, the Son of God.

Lamed is the third and final letter in the name of Abel and the fact that it is the third letter is amplified by the fact that Lamed is the number 30.

Thirty is 10 times 3. Ten is Ordinal Perfection. Ordinal Perfection means that God has ordained something in heaven that is going to unfold in His perfect time on earth. Three is also a Sacred Number and it means Divine Perfection.

So what do the numbers in the name of Abel, a shadow type of the Messiah, tell us? 

What is the heavenly ordained event that magnifies Divine Perfection? The answer was provided 4000 years later on a wooden cross. The answer was the Son of God pouring out His life and shedding His perfect blood in order that we might be saved.

And guess what the number 30 means as it is used in Scripture? It is the picture of a Blood Sacrifice.

So what do the numbers in the name of Abel mean? They are a prophecy that was revealed through the name of Abel that the perfect Son of God would come and lay down His life for His sheep. The perfect Lamb of God providing a blood sacrifice for guilty sinners like you and me.

Now you know the Picture and Number meaning of the prophetic name of the second son of Adam. Abel is the shadow picture of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach. 

Thank you for taking the time to read or listen to this article.

Stay tuned for our next article where we discover Messiah in the very letters and numbers of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Until next time…

Keep Looking Up!

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