Prophetic End-Time Patterns – 120 Year Final

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I will end this series with one final proof. Please be aware that all the proofs for this 120-year prophetic perspective have not been disclosed in summary articles. Time and space would not permit an exhaustive expose. But this does give you a thumbnail outline that you can use to do your own investigation.

So I will leave you with one final proof that I have never before seen disclosed. It is indisputable and yet it has been missed. I do not know why, but am happy to share it with you.
Let’s begin with some questions.
The first question is this:

  • What is the one number that is so ingrained in our culture that everyone; believers and non-believers, around the world associate this number with the end of the Age? 
  • What is the number of the final beast system that will seem to overwhelm everything that is good bringing us into a time of overflowing wickedness?
  • Do you have that number in your head?

Now I would like you to look at the final clue. The 120-year prophetic revelation spoken by YHVH as recorded by Moses and found in the first book of the Bible is an end-times forecast. As noted, One Hundred Twenty is not only a number it is also a Hebrew word.

Let’s take a look at the Hebrew word we find in Genesis 6:3. 
The Hebrew Word One Hundred Twenty.

One Hundred and Twenty


Hey  Aleph  Mem     Vav      Mem  Yood  Reysh  Sheen  Ayin
One Hundred    and      Twenty


One Hundred and Twenty by the Numbers

46         +                    620    =    666

5    1    40       +       40  10  200   300   70  = 666


             = 6     


Now I would like to ask the final question.

If man has been given 6000 years at the end of which the Lord is coming again to destroy His enemies and set up his kingdom, then when does this 6000th year show up on our calendar?

Many will answer this question with complaints about the difference between the Hebrew calendar and the pagan calendar. This is a straw man argument for ignorance that simply does not hold up.

Others will attempt to figure out the time frame based on the start date for creation and go forward 6000 years. This method does not work for two reasons. 

The first is that using this method means that the 6000-year prophecy is not really 6000 years, it is just generally about 6000 years. Really? God is very precise, man is not. Let’s not forget whom we are dealing with.

The answer to the question of when does the 6000 years allowed for mankind show up on our calendar cannot be answered until you discover the answer to another question.
The question is as follows:

  • How long was Adam in the Garden of Eden before they were cast out? 
  • When did the curse come upon the earth as a result of Adam’s sin?

Jubilee is about deliverance. 
Adam in his sinless state did not need deliverance.

It was only after Adam sinned that the desperate need for Salvation became the focal point of anyone concerned about the condition of his or her eternal soul. The one thing above all else that concerned our Heavenly Father enough that He sends His beloved and only begotten Son to rescue us from Wrath and Hell.

The answer to the 6000 years allowed for mankind can be answered with some degree of accuracy once you know the start date.

It could not have been the start date for creation since that makes no sense. It is also impossible since 6000 years have come and gone since Creation based on Biblical Chronology and the Lord has not returned.

Some speculate correctly that Adam's rebelliousness and the curse of sin could not have been more than about 100 years after creation since we know that Cain, Abel, and Seth were all born in sin outside the garden. 

We do not know how old Abel was when his brother Cain killed him, but we do know that they were both young adults. We also know that Adam was 130 years old when Seth was born.

So there is a window of about 100 years that most biblical literalists agree might be the window of time in which the fall of man occurred.
If only we could know the exact date that sin entered into the world we could calculate within at least a couple years when Christ was coming again. 

We can never figure out the minute, the hour or the day. And perhaps the month might be hard to calculate. We might not even know the time or season of the year, although I am sure there would be speculation on steroids. 

But the point that if we knew the number of years after creation that Adam sinned, the year the curse came upon the whole earth then we could figure out with some degree of accuracy based on Biblical chronology the year or years on our Gregorian Calendar when we might reasonably expect the Second Coming of Christ. 

We know the Lord is keeping the day and the hour secret. 
Is He keeping the year a secret also?

The answer is NO!

Does anyone on earth know the date that Adam sinned?

The answer is YES!

It is a time period that I am not going to reveal in this article except to give you a clue and let you spend some time searching in order to figure it out yourself.

Here is the clue.

The narratives in the Scripture are actually prophetic patterns.
Pattern is Prophecy!

Let us know what you think based on your own biblical research.

And for those of you that cannot figure it out, I will provide the means of figuring out the answer well before the end of the year unless of course the other major event that happens before the Second Coming of Christ takes place. Of course, I am talking about the Departure of the Church revealed as a mystery by the Apostle Paul. What most people call the Rapture of the Church.

Here, there or In the Air!

Keep looking up your redemption draweth nigh.

Thank you for reading or listening to this article.
Until next time – Keep Looking Up!

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  1. Joshua King says:

    What is the year 5880?

    1. Joshua King says:

      Sorry wrong number
      Jubilees says that it was the 7th year in the garden that mankind sinned. What do you k ow of this?

  2. Rebecca says:

    Always the pedagogue. 🙂
    Shall we start with the Old Testament? New? Both?
    Can you mercifully point us to a particular book?
    Will you spare the city for 50 righteous men? 40? 30?20?10? 🙂
    We cannot continue our search if our curiosity is killing us…

  3. Dawn Clary says:

    We have read in scriptures of what we know of the rapture however, the church is made up of non-Jews as well as messianic Jews. Why do we not get it through to what most Christians consider the Church that the Messianic Jews are Christian in faith also. No one talks about this. These well also be ruptured. Can you enplane this? And how about those who claim they are but hate Jew’s and those in the Church that are not true Christian but of the world who accept worldly ideas. The Church has corrupted itself which the Bible has also predicted?

    1. Angela says:

      Some Christians are also carnal. And Corinthians carnal Christians spoke with other tongues. So whoever else can say a Christian who’s living worldly will not be ruptured? Did Jesus come to save their sins past present and future?

  4. SCOTT says:

    Hey.. great work… 20 mom like your Hebrew!!!

  5. Brandy M. Hightower says:

    I believe the connection is the year of Jubilee. I believe that the day we are speaking of will be in CONNECTION to the Hebrew calendar. I also believe it will be in close connection to Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Additionally, I believe it will be connected to the Sabbath- the true Shabbat. There has been some debate of wheather or not 2017 or 2018 is the Jubilee year. I am waiting and watching for signs… I also have come across information showing a connection between the Hebrew calendar and the Zodiac signs. I cannot help but believe the Bible when it says the Sun, Moon and Stars are for signs and seasons. All of this is neatly fashioned together this Fall. I know that our ways and thoughts are not those of YHVH. I know that know one knows the day or the hour but I cannot believe that the facts before me are merely connected by coincidence. I pray in THE NAME of Yeshua HaMashiach, that those whom believe would grow in love with Yehovah El Elyon (God the Father) and Yehovah Eliohe Yeshuati (Christ Jesus our Savior). I do not think it is enough to just believe….but rather passionately love and seek to be with them. It pains my heart that many people are not watching…they are the bride’s whose lamps were not filled with oil. They were not ready and watching and therefore were not wed. Look up….look up…. redemption draws nigh.

    1. Tina Marie says:

      Beautifully said.

    2. Tatiana Zoe Tahminjian says:

      Very Nice.

      Thank you for the wonderful insights.


  6. Debra Dove says:


  7. Peggy Adams says:


  8. Tatiana Zoe Tahminjian says:

    Very Nice.

    Thank you for the wonderful insights.


  9. Angela says:

    Hi to love this and I’m going to try to study this out myself and then I’m going to come back and keep searching for the rest of your years posting in 2017 to find the other clues that you said you were give. By the way I also believe it has something to do with the Jubilee.

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