The Mystery of the 120 Years

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Is There a 6000 Year Jubilee Prophecy?


The very fact that the Hebrew word Jubilee begins with a Yood gives us the confidence to investigate further in order to see if we can discover a time-stamp prophetic harbinger embedded in the word.

 The first clue is discovered in the letter Vav, the number 6. Vav is the letter that is pictured as a nail that connects two things together.  Notice it is right between the number 2 (Beyt) and the number 10 (Yood).

The Jubilee in the conventional text is arrived at by virtue of multiplication: 7 times 7 plus 1 = 50.

The number 10 is the one number used most often in scripture in conjunction with other numbers in order to calculate a time period. This number becomes evident by the process of multiplication.

If we multiply 10 times 6 times 2 (the three numbers that are connected to each other by the letter Vav) we arrive at the number 120. 

Where in Scripture do we first find the number 120?

And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. Genesis 6:3

This revelation has been a mystery that many have tried to solve.

Three Theories,
Only one can be right!

There are three prominent theories regarding the Genesis 6:3 revelation:

1. One theory is that God notified Noah of the coming flood 120 years before it happened.

There are all sorts of difficulties with this theory including the simple fact that it is impossible to verify.  There is no biblical evidence to support that it happened. It was never cited as a fulfilled prophetic utterance. 

2. Another theory is that God was limiting the lifespan of man to 120 years.

The difficulty with this theory is that it does not match up with reality. Obviously, this theory is not supported by the genealogies and lifespans recorded in the bible.

The lifespan of man has never matched up with this theory.  Men and women lived for hundreds of years after the flood.  Even today there are example of men living over 120 years in a world where depending on where you live the lifespan of man is between 70-80 years.

There is no indication in Genesis 6:3 that God is limiting the lifespan of man.  The language simply does not match the concept of man being cut off after a certain number of years. 

Notice the difference between the obvious prophecy regarding man's longevity and what is being stated in Genesis 6:3:

70-80 Years for Man!

The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. Psalm 90:10

3.The third theory – the key to the end-times.

If you really take the time to meditate about what is being revealed in Genesis 6:3, you cannot help but notice the following headlines:

The Mystery of Iniquity in Full Bloom!

It is a prophecy that is being revealed just before a catastrophic event that was brought on by the extreme sinfulness of mankind. 

The Flood that is going to wash unrighteousness off the face of the earth is on the near horizon. 

You need to ask yourself what is being highlighted by this prophetic revelation and what is the historical context that gives it meaning.

The emphasis is on the Spirit of God striving with man. Was there ever a time in the past when the Spirit of God strove with mankind that even comes close to paralleling the iniquitous state of man during the period of time that preceded the Flood of Noah?  The answer is NO! 

So if you're looking for an end-times pre-Second Coming of Christ prophecy, this is it. We can deduce that the time just before a great catastrophe that is yet to come upon the earth, ( The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord) is going to be marked by an increase in wickedness and iniquity that corresponds to God's Spirit striving with man.

Is that day on the near horizon?


I believe that the prophecy of 120 years is referring to 120 Jubilee years that are non-sequential.

In other words, the 120 years is specifically referring to the final 50th year of a Jubilee time cycle.

This solves the problem of calculating 49 years with the 50th year of Jubilee also being counted as the first year in the next 49 year cycle. Obviously, 120 cycles of 49 years with one year added to the end of the 120th Jubilee  (120 x 49 +1 = 5881 years) is not what is in view.

If this perspective is correct, then clearly the emphasis on the 120 years is meant to inform us that each of the 120 Jubilee years represents a total of 50 years each.

If they had been sequential (120 x 49 +1 = 5881 years) the language of Genesis 6:3 would give us that indication. It does not. I believe we are talking about 120 years that are meant to be understood as 49 years plus a final or 50 years or Jubilee.

50 x 120 = 6000 years.

Has this prophecy been fulfilled?


The prophecy has not been fulfilled. 

Notice what the 120 years was meant to accomplish. 


“My spirit shall not always strive with man” Genesis 6:3


Ask yourself this question:

Is the Spirit of God still striving with men?

The answer is yes.

Does the mystery of the 120 years find its solution in the 50 non-sequential Jubilee cycle introduced by God, a period that equals 6000 year?

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  1. Chico Pineda says:

    Very informative. I was of the misconception that it was the longevity of man, completely disregarding what Psalm 90:10 says. Thank you for the information. Blessings!!!!!!!

  2. Brenda says:

    As we have read, no one knows the exact day or time. However; by venture of our universe moving ever into the descriptions of End Time events – we are near by far than times past. May Yahaya continue His promise of mercy to His earthly children.

  3. Dan Hall says:

    I always enjoy and learn from your lessons. Thank you. I also thought of how people try and calculate the coming of Christ by adding 70 years to the date that Israel was reborn when Psalm 90:10 clearly says that it could be 80 with the last 10 being hard. It appears to me that this is the case.

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