The Mystery of the Number Thirty

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The Mystery of the Number Thirty


The mystery of the Messianic meaning of Jubilee is revealed in the last letter of the Hebrew word we translate as Jubilee. The letter Lamed is also the number 30.  The number thirty is overflowing with Messianic messaging.

The meaning of the number 30 may not enfold a mathematical prophecy about when this Divine Plan will unfold but it does disclose who, what, when and why.

As you search the Scriptures for the meaning of the number thirty the clues become evident and the breadcrumbs all lead to the same theme and purpose. The number 30 is all about the cost of Redemption. 

Thirty is all about Atonement and the payment of a debt.   

Thirty is a number that is also a word, just like in English. We have the number 30 and we also have the word “THIRTY”.

What is revealed in the word Thirty?



mem  yood  sheen  lamed  sheen

40  10   300  30  300


The five letter Hebrew word THIRTY reveals the following as a Picture:

300  Crushing Death – Teeth
30    Shepherds Sacrifice – Staff
300  Crushing Death – Teeth
10    Divine Plan worked out by the hand of God – Hand
40    Waters of Chaos and Confusion – Waters


Could the meaning be any clearer?

The picture meaning of the Hebrew Word Thirty agrees with the number meaning of 30. It is all about blood atonement and redemption.

Translation of the Picture meaning of the word THIRTY is as follows:

There will be a crushing death of the Shepherd that will unfold at the appointed time on earth as a result of a divinely ordained plan. This Divine Deed will put an end to chaos confusion and death.

Can you put the finishing touches on this disclosure?

Both Thirty as a Picture word puzzle and as a 30 number puzzle both unfold the same message.

Our redemption was purchased by the precious blood of the sacrificial spotless lamb of God, Yeshua Ha-Maschiach.

The numbers in the Hebrew word THIRTY amplify the picture meaning. The number 300 is revealed twice for emphasis. The number 300 is the one number that reveals the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Jubilee Numbers

30      2       6    10

Lamed  Beyt  Vav  Yood


Like a hologram, the individual letters, pictures, and numbers all magnify the same theme.

Now let’s look at the four numbers in the Hebrew word we translate into English as JUBILEE and see what unfolds.


Jubilee Numbers

30      2       6    10


10 The Lord God has Sovereignly Ordained a plan in heaven this is going to manifest itself on earth in order to benefit 6 fallen and lost humanity. The Plan will be revealed when we see the 2 Son of God offering Himself as a 30 Blood Sacrifice for our sins.

Now you know the numeric meaning of the Hebrew word we translate into English as Jubilee.

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  1. Kelly Gamill says:

    My Birthday is the 30th and God has used (3) as a signal to something for me. I thought it meant he was going to heal me of my knee issue before surgery but it didn’t. I am still searching for what He wants me to understand. I know 3, 30, 300 are numbers that mean Divine Perfection! Thank you for sending this!

  2. Julian Wynne says:

    I love these insights into the Hebrew letters. The one I found most fascinating was the three letters of SaTaN. Hebrew is AWESOME !!!

  3. Ann Eldridge says:

    My apologies! When I tried to vote, assigning a 5-star grade, my computer would not cooperate, only highlighting 1 star. Please forgive my bungling! I hugely value your insights into the hidden meanings of the amazing Hebrew language.

  4. Charity says:

    That was deep!
    Thanks for helping us with such awesome Hebrew mystery.

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