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Conventional Usage of Bless

The dictionary defines the word bless as “to consecrate or sanctify by a religious rite; make or pronounce holy.” Another meaning of bless is to request of God the bestowal of divine favor on a person, place or thing. It also means to extol as holy and to glorify.

Probably the most well-known use of the Hebrew word for Bless is located in Genesis:

And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Genesis 12:3

It is interesting that the most well-known time the word bless is used in the Scriptures it is in relationship to Abraham, the one to whom the promises were made. The promises were made to Abraham and his seed. And it was from Abraham that the genealogical progression that would gloriously conclude in the coming of the promised Messiah. Messiah was destined to make atonement for fallen and sinful Mankind. The blessing given to Abraham would have its final and ideal fulfillment in the salvation of the world. Keep this in mind as we discover the amazing picture that is embedded in the Hebrew word translated into English as bless! You can read about this unconditional promise in the book of Genesis, found in 22:17-18.


Pictographic Translation of Bless

House, tent, son, family, dwelling place, the
physical tent/body, inside, within, first letter in
the Torah that identifies the Son of God


A person, the head, the highest, the sum, the
supreme, the first, the most important, the top,
master, leader, prince, head


To cover, to open, to allow, atonement, palm


Pictographic Translation of Bless

Beyt reysh () is the pictogram of the prince who comes out of the house. In other words, the beyt reysh is the Son. The Son is in view as we discover the ideal picture meaning embedded in the three Hebrew letters—it is the Son who is the Prince of Heaven, coming to make atonement (). He is coming to cover the sin that keeps us from fellowship with our Heavenly Father.



Numeric Translation of Bless

Difference, good or evil, division, Living Word,
second, second person of the Godhead, to come
alongside to hinder, to come alongside for help,
God the Son



Inadequacy of the temporal, inadequate, the
insufficiency of Man, insufficiency, deficient, the
ineffective ransom, lacking what is necessary
or required, inability to accomplish a purpose,
(10×20) adequacy of the eternal, the complete
sufficiency of God, redemption of body
and soul, multiplied by ordinal perfection
accomplished by the Son of God, sufficient
to accomplish a purpose, ransom that is both
efficient and sufficient to reclaim what was lost,
to accomplish redemption, insufficiency of
man, sufficiency of God



(10×2) concentrated meaning of ordinal
perfection, expectancy, redemption


Numeric Translation of Bless

The Hebrew word bless is crowned with the number 2. Clearly the Son of God, the second person in the divine Trinity is in view. The mission is also summarized in the exponential meaning infused into the number two that has the biblical significance of  announcing both redemption and atonement.


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