Hebrew Word Study – Darkness – Part I

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The Hebrew word for darkness is composed of the three Hebrew letters.  Those letters are  Chet,   Sheen and  Kaf. 

The conventional understanding of darkness is universally accepted. 

If you ask anyone what darkness is they will tell you that it is both the absence and opposite of light.

One of the very first disclosures in the scripture is that there is something called darkness.  The subject of Darkness is revealed in Genesis where we read the following:

Genesis 1:2  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 

The Pictorial meaning of Darkness discloses a mystery that is worth our careful consideration. 

Darkness may be more than we just the absence or opposite of light, much more.   Let’s discover what the picture and numbers embedded underneath the three letters  Chet, Sheen,  Kaf reveal.


The first Hebrew letter in the word Darkness is the letter Chet.

Chet is the 8th letter in the Hebrew Aleph-beyt has a meaning that can be understood in two ways.  Chet is a Sanctuary or Inner Room.  It is an area that is private and separate that is usually designed to Protect.  It is a secure quite place. 

Chet can also mean to be cut off in a place that is separate and private.  A prison cell, for example is a place private and protected.

On the positive side, Chet  is pictured as the following:

To Protect – Place of Protection
Grace – Favor – A place of Refuge
A Protected Garden – Quiet Place 
 Silent and Still Secure
Fence – Inner Room Sanctuary

On the negative side Chet  is pictured as the following:

Private – To Separate –
 To be cut off – Secure Place




The second letter in the Hebrew word we translate into English as darkness is  Sheen. 

Sheen is the 21st letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Beyt and is pictured as teeth.  It is the picture of being crushed pressed down and destroyed.


To Consume – To Destroy – Sharp – To press
The One Letter that God used to identify Himself
God’s Signature – Letter that stands for God Almighty




The final letter in the Hebrew word we translate into English as darkness is  Kaf. 

Kaf is the 11th letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Beyt and is pictured as the palm of the hand.   

Kaf  has a twin meaning.

Kaf is the picture of a hand that either covers or uncovers.  It means to open and allow or to close and forbid entrance. 

Imagine closing your mouth and not speaking or closing a door so as not to allow entrance of escape.

To Cover –  A Covering
To Open –  To Allow 
To Atone –  Atonement
To make an Atonement


Pictorial Translation of Darkness

The Pictorial meaning of Darkness adds a new dimension to the idea that darkness is simply the absence of light or opposite of light.

According to the Ideal Picture meaning, Darkness is something that occupies space and has dimensions. 

As a negative picture, Kaf is what covers or forbids entrance into a place from which there is no escape. 

The place it covers as we learned from the picture of the letter Sheen is a place that crushes, presses down and destroys those that enter this perilous domain.

Darkness is a place that one should desire never to enter. 

We are encouraged to explore all means necessary in order that it might be avoided in order that we might find the one and only way to avoid Darkness. 

But can it be avoided? 

If it can, then how can it be avoided?
Darkness is an omen of doom, a warning of destruction. Darkness is caution sign that all men should heed.

In the Book of Jude verses 12 & 13 we read the following warning:

Clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots;
Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.

There is no light or hope in darkness.
But God in His great mercy has sent a hopeful message to fallen man in the very numbers of the Hebrew word for Darkness.

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  1. Thank you for your explanations of Hebrew words and letters! I love it!

  2. Shoshi says:

    I love this study!! Shalom and Todah!!

  3. Glenda White says:

    It would be nice to know how to pronounce the word in Hebrew.

  4. Bobbi Andrade says:

    such a blessing… I am being filled….

  5. Anita Keiper says:

    Thank you. The insight to the word of the Word is such a desire and this helps.

  6. Just LOVE these short studies! Thank you for all you do! What a blessing your ministry is.


  7. Shoshi Ballard says:

    LOVE this study and the explanation…how do you find your explanations? The art work is beautiful and very well done…I study Hebrew and love it…so hearing these word studies is very interesting…are you aware that at times the pronunciation isn’t quiet correct? Thank you for this informative information!

  8. Pastor Robert says:

    I bless God for your insight and teaching of the true word of God!!!

  9. Junior says:

    Truly amazing the Hebrew alphabet and language. I am so thankful for this site in helping learn these things.

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    This is very informative, thank you!

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    These word studies are helping me tremendously to learn and understand Hebrew. This is a great way to learn.

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    Very interesting and helpful. Thank you !!

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    Awesome thank you

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    very enlightening

  15. Wilfred Mathias says:

    Thank you for the teaching. I have seen this ‘darkness’ twice, which no one should enter or be in. Seek the Light (Jesus said I am the Light ) and I have seen this Light shining as well. It is very bright, pure, with no darkness. It is the same size, like God is one, but at the same time it is expanding outwards from within, like the Scriptures that says “of the increase of His Government there is no end”. Amen. So be it. Shalom.

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