Hebrew Word Study – Messiah – Part III

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The Mystery Message Hidden in the name of

The Messiah

Chet  Yood  Sheen   Mem

8      10      300        40



We have explored the picture meaning of the Hebrew Word that is translated into English as Messiah.  Now let’s look at the Numeric meaning that is embedded in each of the four letters that are also numbers.

I would like to remind the reader that the meaning of the numbers is based on how those numbers are used in Scripture.

Mem 40

Trials – Probation 
 Chastisement but not Judgment
   Grace Resulting in Revival & Renewal
An Extended Period of Rule or Dominion
Grace multiplied by Renewal (5 x 8)
Probationary Period that results in Renewal


The first Number in the Hebrew word we translate as Messiah is Mem or the number 40.  Forty is the number that means probation and testing.  It is designed for chastisement but not for judgment.  At the end of forty is Grace.  The number forty results in revival and renewal and an extended period of rule and dominion.


Sheen 300

A Divinely Appointed Period of Time – Election
Number Connected to the “Children of Promise”
Supernatural Victory Over Enemies Including Death
 Number connected with
The Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Messiah
Signifies final Blood Sacrifice
Made by the Perfect Lamb of God.


The second letter that is also a number in the name of Messiah is Sheen or the number 300

The number 300 (Sheen ) is one of the most amazing numbers in the Scriptures.

  • It is the number first associated with the “catching away” of Enoch. 
  • It is the number of one of the dimensions of Noah’s ark, the wooden instrument that God designed in order that mankind be preserved and delivered from the flood.
  • It is the number of Gideon’s army, the army that won a miraculous victory over the enemy. 
  • It is a number associated with Sampson and his victory over the Philistines.
  • It is the number associated with King David and his victories over the enemies of Israel. 

The Scriptures clearly use the number 300 (Sheen ), the number that is also the picture of destruction.  Three hundred is the number that reveals the awesome power of God over His Enemies and the Grace of God as the defender of His Children. 

The final picture of the number 300 (Sheen ) is found in the New Testament. 

It is a number that Yeshua the Messiah said would always be associated with the good news of the Gospel.  It is was the number 300 (Sheen ) that will be forever connected to the anointing of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach body for burial.  It is the number that reminds us that Yeshua rose from the dead.  Three hundred (Sheen ) is the number that amazes us with the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus the Christ and comforts us that we who trust in the finished work of the Messiah will all also be resurrected from the dead.  300 (Sheen ) is the number that signifies victory over death and destruction.

 Yood 10  

Perfection of Divine Order – Completeness of order
Testimony The Law – Ten Commandments
Responsibility  – Divinely Ordered Events
Ordinal Perfection


The third letter that is also a number in the name of Messiah is Yood or the number 10.  The number ten signifies the perfection of a divine order; it signifies the completion of a sequence of events that have been sovereignly ordained by God.  The number 10 is one of 4 sacred numbers that means Ordinal Perfection.


8  Chet

Eternity – New Creation – First in new series
New Birth – Super Abundance – Follows Seven
And is the first in a new series – New Beginning

The fourth letter that is also a number in the name of Messiah is Chet or the number 8.  Eight is the one number that signifies Eternity.  It signifies a new creation and the first thing in a new series.  It is the number associated with the New Birth and New Beginnings.

The number meaning of the Hebrew word “The Anointed One” that is translated in the English Bibles as the Messiah, is both amazing and full of promise and hope for fallen mankind.

The first number, 40, summarizes the desperate problem faced by ALL mankind.  We have all failed the Test.  Our first father Adam failed the test and as a result all of his seed, all mankind is under the curse of sin.  God has continued to test man, not in order to reach perfection, but in order to demonstrate to mankind that they are completely unable to rescue themselves from the bondage of sin and wrath that is due all sinners.

What man could not do, the Messiah accomplished.

The Messiah came to earth and lived a perfect life without even the slightest blemish of sin or corruption.  His life was impeccable and it pleased His Heavenly Father.  But it was not His impeccable life that gives us hope since we are incapable of imitating it even for even one minute. 

Our hope is in the Gospel of Yeshua, the Anointed One.  And what is that Gospel, what are the glad tidings?

The glad tidings are disclosed in the second letter that is also a number in the name of Messiah.  The number 300.  The number that declares victory over the enemies of death and hell.  And how is this accomplished?  It is accomplished by the death, burial, and resurrection of the Messiah. 

The third number is 10.  The number 10 informs us that God has a destiny for us.  It is a destiny that comes at the end of a sequence of events ordained by God. 

The fourth number is 8.  Eight is a number that reveals the final purpose of the Messiah.  It confirms the picture meaning of Chet or the number 8.  It confirms that the Messiah has not only come that we have life, but that we have it for eternity.  It is the number that signifies a New Birth and a New Beginning.

And now you know the number meaning of Messiah.

John 10:10

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

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  1. I love the info you have here…and I agree with most of it, but not all. I have taught Hebrew for decades which qualifies me to say this….Please learn the proper pronunciation of the letters and the words… LAMED is pronounced with the AH sound not the short but very English “a” sound.
    CHET is not pronounced as we would in English…it is a gutteral sound made at the back of the throat…like the sound you would make to cough out the gum you almost swallowed.

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    I wish I had the money to purchase this info

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    This is the most amazing teaching on Hebrew word study I have seen! Thank you!

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