Hebrew Word Study – Atonement – Part I

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Reysh  Pey   Kaf



The Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur was a ceremony initiated by God Himself.  It began immediately after the death of Nadab and Abihu, the two sons of Aaron that attempted to improve on God’s instructions regarding the temple offerings and decided to add their own unauthorized fire offering to the Lord.  The Lord was not pleased with the “strange fire” the two sons of Aaron presumptuously offered in His presence.  Their lives were taken and a great lesson regarding the Holiness of God was temporarily learned.


Immediately after this event, God came to Moses and gave specific instructions regarding what the Lord called a DAY of ATONEMENT.  You can read the details of this in the 16th chapter of the book of Leviticus. 


Even to this day among the Jews, The Day of Atonement is considered the most Holy Day in the entire year.  The day is preceded by 10 days of fasting and prayer.  The final day of these days of affliction end on Tishri 10, the Day of Atonement. 


While the Day of Atonement is still observed by the Jews, it is impossible for them to observe it as commanded by the Lord for the following reasons. 


The Aaronic Priesthood no longer functions as it does not presently exist in order that they might perform the detailed rituals set out by God.  And if they did, they would be unable to memorialize the 10th of Tishri as prescribed by God because there is no longer a Tabernacle or a Temple.  The Holy Sanctuary was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.  The Congregation no longer congregates and the altar on which the sacrifices were to take place no longer exist and the sacrifices ceased in the latter half of the first century AD.  The Scarlet cord is no longer tied around the Temple door on the Day Atonement.  The Scarlet cord that miraculously turned white as a sign from heaven that Atonement had been made.  The temple door no longer exists. The scapegoat is no longer sent out of Jerusalem to die in the wilderness.  The Day of Atonement as prescribed by God no longer exists.


Despite the fact that the Day of Atonement can no longer be celebrated in the way prescribed by God, the day still remains as the most holy day of the year for religious Jews.  It has been kept alive by observant  Jews as best they are able considering that all the ceremonies, priests, offerings and altars and geography that were necessary to carry out the strict instructions of the Lord God of Israel are either destroyed or in disarray.

There is one thing however that remains unchanged. 

The one absolutely necessary thing that is able, once understood, to guide you to the place where full Atonement can be found once and for all time.   This is the Atonement that is absolutely necessary for anyone who wishes to spend eternity in the presence of the Holy God of Israel.

The one thing can be discovered in one Word.  It is a word that has a mystery hidden in it that can provide for the person who understands and by faith receives the atonement gift that has been graciously provided by the God of Israel.   

Wouldn’t you like to know how to have your sins blotted out and remembered no more? 

The one word is KIPPUR, the Word that is literally translated in Hebrew as Propitiation and is translated into English as Atonement.

Now let’s take a look at the miraculous message hidden in plain sight just under the three letters that compose one of the most amazing Words in all of Scripture.  The Word KIPPUR.  The word translated in the English Bibles as Atonement.

The three letters in the Hebrew word Kippur are Kaf, Pey and Reysh.

Now let's see what is hidden in the three pictures that undergird these three Hebrew letters.

The first letter in Kippur is Kaf.  It is pictured as an open hand.  The meaning of the picture is the palm of the hand that covers or provides a covering or that opens and allows something to be released.  It is the one letter that is connected with the concept of Atonement or Propitiation.


kaf_letter Kaf


To Cover – A Covering

To Open – To Allow 

To Atone – Atonement

To make an Atonement



The second letter in Kippur is Pey.  It is pictured as an open mouth.  The meaning of the picture is to open the mouth, to speak or say a word.

pey_letter Pey 


To Speak – A Word – To Open  


The third letter in Kippur is Reysh.  It is pictured as the Highest Person or the Leader.  Reysh pictures a Master or a Prince.


reysh_letter Reysh


A Person – The Head – The Highest – Leader

The Sum – The Supreme – The First

The Most Important  – The Top – Master



The Picture Meaning of KIPPUR is simple to understand.  It is a picture of a Prince or Judge that is about to declare judgment on a criminal but instead the Prince Covers his mouth and refuses to pass sentence on the convicted criminal.

This is just the beginning of the revelation contained in the Hebrew Word Kippur.


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  1. Diane Friedman Librera says:

    Very interesting information

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    I’m amazed of how G does things.

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    I learned this type of Hebrew Word Study several years ago from a different source, but I’m most excited now to find your ‘word of the day’ reminders.

  4. Lisa says:

    Absolutely fascinating! God’s word comes to life through these studies! Thank you!

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    quite interesting. I am enjoying

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    I love these word studies, I love the drawings. I have the magnets, and love them!

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    Every word I learn about in Hebrew points me to the fact that a mear man did not create this language, but God did.
    I think it is amazing that the words I learn about are really helping me to learn to read and write Hebrew.

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    Oh, my God! Thank you so very much, Lord Jesus
    Christ Yeshua, Lamb of God

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    Love the word studies!

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    I am so thankful to have this door opened about the Hebrew language. It undoubtedly takes you into a much deeper and higher and wider place to receive what the scriptures have for us. Truly amazing!

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