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hey_letter sheen_lettermem_letter

Hey     Sheen      Mem


Moses is the one man mentioned more often than any other man in the Scriptures. There is little doubt that the Children of Israel, who were miraculously led out of the bondage of Egypt by Almighty God, were familiar with the meaning of the name of Moses.  Moses was drawn out of the Nile River by the daughter of pharaoh and adopted into the royal family at the same time that Israelites were slaves in Egypt.  The name Moses bears witness to that miracle of deliverance from the water.

Moses was appointed and given authority by God to accomplish his mission as revealed by God.  Moses was a type of the coming Messiah, the Appointed One. Moses was appointed by God to deliver his people from the bondage of Egypt.

To find out what the meaning hidden in the letters and numbers of the three Hebrew letters that compose the name of Moses we need only look at the pictures and numbers that God embedded in each Hebrew letter.  Keep in mind that what is now called Hebrew is the language given to Adam as a gift in Garden of Eden. 

mem_letter Mem    


Liquid –  Mighty Waters like the Ocean

Massive as the waves of the Sea

Chaotic and Destructive like a Tsunami

The first letter in the name of Moses is Mem.  Mem is pictured as Water.  It can picture the calm water of a life-giving stream, or the gentle rain that showers the earth so that it might bring forth its bounty.  Or, it can picture the violent and chaotic water of the ocean that brings destruction and death by way of floods and tsunamis.  Water can be a picture of Life or it can be a picture of death and destruction, chaos and confusion.



To Consume – To Destroy – Sharp – To press

The One Letter that God used to identify Himself

God’s Signature – Letter that stands for God Almighty

The second letter in the name of Moses is Sheen.  Sheen is pictured at Teeth.  Sheen is a picture of pressing or gnashing.  It can be the picture of destruction or of unmatched formidable power and strength.  It is the one letter that God as his signature.  It is an awesome and mysterious letter that should cause the reader to take special note of its meaning.



Pay Attention to what Follows – To Reveal

To Unfold   To Look Upon

Holy Spirit as the Revelator


The third and final letter in the name of Moses or Moshe as it would be pronounced in Hebrew is the letter Hey.  The letter Hey is pictured as a man lifting up his hand to heaven.  It is the picture of either proclaiming or receiving a revelation.  It is a number often associated with the God the Holy Spirit the Great Revelator.

The Picture meaning of the name of Moses is not very difficult to decipher. The revelation (HEY hey_letter) is that Chaos, Confusion, Destruction and Death (MEM mem_letter) will be themselves destroyed (SHEEN sheen_letter). Or put another way, the suffering and slavery, the bondage and death (MEM mem_letter) being experienced by the Children of Israel in Egypt was going to be victoriously vanquished (SHEEN sheen_letter).  This was the Message or Revelation of Hope to Israel (HEY hey_letter) embedded in the name of MOSES.

God is the one that sovereignly ordained the destiny of Moses in order to rescue his people from the bondage of Egypt.  A bondage that had accomplished its purpose and was now a stumbling block to the greater purpose of God. The greater purpose for Israel was brought about by the sovereign hand of God who raised up and anointed Moses.  His very name and the numbers in his name disclosed God’s purpose. 

Moses was also a picture of the coming Messiah who would deliver all those that trusted him from the bondage of sin and death.  This promise is being fulfilled in the Gentile nations of the world and awaits it final fulfillment in these last days when God will take the blinders off of Israel and they will clearly see that Yeshua Ha-Mashiach is their Messiah. 

This final revelation of the Messiah will come at the end of a time of sorrow and trouble that makes the bondage in Israel in Egypt pale by comparison.  But the promise is that in the end all remaining Israel, who now finally recognize their Salvation is Yeshua will ALL be saved.  What a day that will be.  A day not far off.


What do the numbers in the name of Moses Reveal?


hey_letter sheen_lettermem_letter

Hey  Sheen  Mem

5       300      40


The number meaning of Moses is both fascinating and revealing.



mem_letter Mem

Trials – Probation 

Chastisement but not Judgment

  Grace Resulting in Revival & Renewal

An Extended Period of Rule or Dominion

Grace multiplied by Renewal (5 x 8)

Probationary Period that results in Renewal


The first letter that is also a number in the name of Moses is Mem mem_letter or the number 40 (Mem).  Forty (Mem) is the number that means probation.  It is a number that signifies a period of testing that is going to be followed by deliverance and salvation.



sheen_letter Sheen

A Divinely Appointed Period of Time – Election

Number Connected to the “Children of Promise”

Supernatural Victory Over Enemies Including Death

Number connected with

The Death, Burial and Resurrection of Messiah.

Signifies final Blood Sacrifice

Made by the Perfect Lamb of God.


The second letter that is also a number in the name of Moses is Sheen sheen_letter or the number 300. The number 300 (Sheen) is one of the most amazing numbers in the Scriptures. It is the number first associated with the “catching away” of Enoch. It is the number of one of the dimensions of Noah’s ark, the wooden instrument that God designed in order that mankind be preserved and delivered from the flood. It is the number of Gideon’s army, the army that won a miraculous victory over the enemy. It is a number associated with Sampson and his victory over the Philistines. It is the number associated with King David and his victories over the enemies of Israel.  

The Scriptures clearly use the number 300 (Sheen sheen_letter); the number that is also the picture of destruction.  Three hundred is the number that reveals the awesome power of God over His Enemies and the Grace of God as the defender of His Children. The final picture of the number 300 (Sheen) is found in the New Testament. 

It is a number that Yeshua the Messiah said would always be associated with the good news of the Gospel.  It is was the number 300 (Sheen) that will be forever connected to the anointing of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach body for burial.  It is the number that reminds us that Yeshua rose from the dead.  Three hundred (Sheen) is the number that amazes us with the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus the Christ and comforts us that we who trust in the finished work of the Messiah will all also be resurrected from the dead.  300 (Sheen) is the number that signifies victory over death and destruction.



hey_letter  Hey

Unmerited Favor – God's Goodness

Pentateuch Divine Strength – The Fifth

What Follows Creation –



The third letter in the Hebrew name translated Moses in English is the letter Hey hey_letter which is also the number 5. Let’s see what is revealed based on the three numbers disclosed in the name of Moses.

Forty (Mem mem_letter) reveals that there is going to be a time of testing and probation.  We all know that the Children of Israel wandered for forty-years in the wilderness as a result of their unbelief.  We also know that at then end of that 40 (Mem) years of probation and testing that Israel, under the leadership of the two spies that forty years earlier brought back a good report.  Joshua and Caleb, two more types of the coming Messiah, lead the children of Israel into the Promised Land.

Sheen sheen_letter is the number 300 and it reveals that God’s children will be given miraculous victories over the enemies of both God and Israel.

Hey hey_letter is the number 5 and it reveals God’s grace.  Five (Hey) is the one number that is used in Scripture to signify Grace and Mercy.

The pictures in the name of Moses have a theological meaning that will be disclosed in the future when His anointed One comes to earth to do the will of His Heavenly Father.

Let’s look at the name of Moses who is a type of Christ through the Messianic lens of Scripture, based on the numbers that have a meaning exclusively based on how they are used in Scripture. The number 40 (Mem mem_letter) reveals that there is going to be a time of testing and probation for mankind.  A probationary period and a test that every human being from Adam to the most righteous men to ever live have ALL failed miserably. The probationary period of testing has only been successfully overcome by one individual.  The name of that individual is Jesus the Christ, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, the one appointed by God to pass the one test for man that no man could pass on his own merit. The deliverance and salvation that follows the number 40 (Mem מ)  is only possible because of Jesus the Christ lived the perfect life demanded by his righteous Holy Father.  This qualified Jesus to be the spotless Lamb of God that had been appointed to take away the sin of the world.

300 (Sheen sheen_letter) reveals that a time of final deliverance is coming.  Deliverance from the bondage of sin and the wrath of God.  And we know that this time forecast for deliverance has come.  We are now almost 2000 years past the event that God designed to be the center point of all mankind.  The time when Sin and Death were vanquished on a rough wooden cross on which His own Son died so that man might live.

5 (Hey hey_letter) reveals that this is all of God Grace and that man can do no work on his own to earn the gift that God has offered on the cross of Calvary.  No man can do any work to deserve this but God does demand that man do ONE WORK in order to receive this free gift of eternal life.  And what is that WORK?

Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent. John 6:28-29

Let’s summarize the Numeric meaning of the Hebrew name we translate into English as Moses.

40 (Mem mem_letter)  – We have all experienced a time of testing and probation and we have all failed the test.  But God in his great Mercy promises us both deliverance and salvation.

300 (Sheen sheen_letter) – This Supernatural victory over death and sin has come at a great price and at great expense to our Heavenly Father.  It is a price that none of us could ever pay since God could not be enticed by all the riches of this world to give us His Only Begotten Son as a sin offering, and yet His great love has produced a gift to mankind that no amount of treasure could ever buy.  Moses is a faint shadow picture of the Messiah and the number 300 (Sheen) in his name is a harbinger of the death burial and resurrection of the Messiah, the foundation of what we call the Good News or Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

5 (Hey hey_letter)   – The number 5 (Hey)  reminds us that all of this a result of freely given, undeserved favor.

The numbers in Moses are a harbinger of the coming Messiah who has delivered us from the pain and penalty of sin and hell by shedding His precious blood as an atonement for our sin.  This free gift is offered to all who will simply put their faith and trust in the risen Messiah, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach.

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    Here is another thought; Mem also can mean continuous like water is continuously water or continually flowing. Sheen can also be seen as consume in a good way. So with this in mind we could also see Moshe as continually consumed with revelation, or chaos and destruction are revealed, or chaos consumed by revelation. It could mean all of them as a whole. Thank you


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