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The Name of the LORD


hey_lettervav_letterhey_letter yood_letter

What does it mean?


The Scriptures tell us to fear the LORD and think about His Name. Let’s begin by reading a unique promise that has been made to those that take the time and make the effort to think about the name of the LORD.

In Malachi 3:16 we read the following:

Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name. 

 What does the Ancient Prophetic Text, the Scriptures that we refer to as the Old Testament tell us to do with the name of the LORD? The title LORD, capital L O R D, is displayed almost 7000 times in the Old Testament.  As we read the Scriptures, we notice that there are scores of themes that just kept reoccurring that are directly connected to the name of the LORD. There is not a name of a place or any other person’s name that shows up more often in the English translation of the Bible then the title LORD. There are hundred verses that could be used to demonstrate the importance of His Name.  The Scriptures are packed with verses that instruct us in the ways we are use His NAME.  Below are a few samples for you to consider in order that we might answer this simple question.

How are we to treat the Name of the LORD?

We are not to take the name of the LORD in Vain. In the literal Hebrew what we know as the third commandment actually informs Israel that His name is meant to bring about atonement and salvation and life.  To misuse His name is the same as mischaracterizing the person represented by the name and by so doing to undue His purposes. 

This is why the LORD is Jealous of His name as we are told in. Isaiah 42:8

The Scriptures tell us to DECLARE the name of the LORD throughout the earth.  Exodus 9:16

The Scriptures tell us that His NAME is to be PUBLISHED. Deuteronomy 32:3

His NAME is to be GLORIFIED1 Chronicles 16:8-10

We are to give THANKS to the LORD. Psalms 92:1

We are to come against our Enemies in the name of the LORD. 1 Samuel 17:45

We are to PRAISE the name of the LORD Psalms 113:3

In Isaiah 47:4 and in dozens of Scriptures we discover that The LORD is our Salvation and our Redeemer.

There are hundreds of other verses that bare witness to the Praise, Honor, and Glory due His Name. There are scores of verses that instruct us to lift us His Name and to Publish it and to declare it throughout the earth. There is even a special promise made to those that fear the LORD and meditate upon the meaning of HIS Name.

But do you know what there is NOT?

There is no place in the bible where we are told to HIDE his Name, to keep HIS NAME a secret or to substitute HIS NAME for another name. His name is written in the original Hebrew Scriptures almost 7000 times; no other name even comes close. There is nothing so important as HIS NAME!

So here is the Big Question: WHAT IS HIS NAME?

If his name brings life then as a poor sinner seeking life don’t you want to know HIS NAME? Have you ever wondered WHY His Name is not found in the Greek and English translations of the Scriptures? Is HIS name being purposely hidden? Many Christians do not realize that the English word “LORD” that is Capital LORD is simply a title, LORD is not a name. The title LORD appears nearly 7000 times in the ancient prophetic Hebrew Scriptures that Christians call the Old Testament. Almost 7000 times the true Name of the one who is given the title LORD is covered up and hidden from our view.

So WHAT IS HIS NAME and What does it mean?

The answer is found in the original Hebrew Scriptures that we call the Old Testament.  Those sacred Scriptures declare that HIS name is YHVH. Did YHVH ever instruct us to hide his name or substitute another name for His name?  The answer is NO.  YHVH wants his name declared to the entire world. It is true that His name is sacred but it is also a name He wanted to be declared and published.  Do you know why?  The answer is that four letters in the name YHVH reveal a mysterious and glorious message.  In fact His Name heralds the most amazing message to ever be revealed to mankind. The Name YHVH is a Prophetic harbinger that we are meant to understand. 

Throughout the Old Testament the name of YHVH declares that something is coming, something amazing to behold! When the mystery is revealed and you look for it and behold it, I mean actually see it, then Salvation has come to Israel and the entire world. Unless of course you’re blind and full of unbelief. Or unless the prophecy has been hidden from you and you have no idea what it means. The key that unlocks the mystery of the meaning of the name YHVH is hidden in the very letters that are also in the original Hebrew–both pictures and numbers.

This picture and number language that was embedded in the text from the very beginning declares the prophetic meaning of YHVH. To those that interested in how to pronounce his name but have no idea what the name means I would ask the following question:

Have you ever considered that YHVH may not be interested in revealing how His name is pronounced since He has not given us the means to figure it out, but rather He want us to understand what His name means?

The simple truth is that YHVH is a BLAZING PROPHECY and trying to figure out how to pronounce His name was simply not His purpose in disclosing His Name. We are meant to know what His name means, and we should be spending out time meditating on the message for it is the greatest revelation to ever be disclosed to mankind. Could it be that the name is purposely unpronounceable because YHVH wants you to discover the mystery of Redemption and Salvation declared by each letter of His revealed name? If YHVH contains a message, then let’s discover what it means.

You don’t have to be a Hebrew language scholar, or a Rabbi, or a man of letters to see the message hidden in plain sight in the four letters YHVH.   His name was deliberately written so that a small child could see it and at the precise moment in time the Seeing becomes Understanding. Our Heavenly Father delights in playing hide and seek with his children. And His most profound revelation has been openly declared in the conventional Hebrew language.  It was also hidden in plain sight to be discovered at precisely the right time.   Is this the time?  The lifting of the blindness and the unveiling of the truth is happening around the world in these last days. Could the revelation of the meaning of YHVH be the centerpiece of the unveiling that is sweeping the world?

It is my great privilege to reveal to you what the name YHVH actually means in the pictures and numbers of the Hebrew language.  Again, let me remind you that the Hebrew language is a pictographic language and it is also a numeric language.  This is not something that has been added to the language, it was present at the very moment it was given as a gift to Adam in the Garden of Eden.  The language we call Hebrew, the Language that God calls the Pure Language, is the language of the Garden of Eden, which has been preserved by God supernaturally in order to communicate His message of Salvation and Redemption to Mankind.




hey_lettervav_letterhey_letter yood_letter

What does it mean?



yood_hand_picture   yood_fist_picture

To  Work – A Mighty Deed –  A Deed Accomplished

To Make – Arm and Hand Accomplishing a Purpose

Divine  Deed



The first letter in the Sacred name of YHVH is Yood. yood_letter Yood, the tenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet is pictured as a hand. It is a hand that is accomplishing a mighty deed.  In the ideal it is a hand that is doing a Divine Work.




Pay Attention to what Follows – To Reveal

To Unfold   To Look Upon

Holy Spirit as the Revelator



The second letter in the Sacred name of YHVH is Hey. hey_letter Hey is the fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet and is Pictured as a Man lifting up His Hands to the heavens.  Hey means to Reveal to Behold or to Look.  The letter Hey is often used to indicate the presence and work of the Holy Spirit.




To Add – To Secure – To Join Together – To Make Secure

To Bind Together – To Create a Connection between

Two things that are separated from each other

Wooden Hook – Wooden Peg – To Hold Up

Iron Nail


The third letter in the Sacred name of YHVH is Vav.   vav_letter  Vav is the sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet and is pictured as a wooden peg or hook.  It is most commonly pictured as an Iron Nail.  Vav means to Secure or to Add.  It is used to picture securing one thing to another.





Pay Attention to what Follows – To Reveal

To Unfold   To Look Upon

Holy Spirit as the Revelator



The fourth letter in the Sacred name of YHVH is Hey.  This is the second time the letter Hey is used in the Sacred name of YHVH and as we indicated above it is a Picture of a Man lifting up His Hands to the heavens.  Hey means to Reveal to Behold or to Look.  The meaning of Hey can include both doing the Revealing or it can indicate receiving revelation.  As we state the letter Hey is often used to indicate the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in which case it indicated the illuminating, revealing and disclosing work of the Holy Spirit.


Let’s simply assemble the pictures and see what they reveal.













Iron Nail,

 Wooden Hook





Hebrew is a verb or action first language, as compared to English, which is a noun first language.  So let’s translate this prophetic picture language of YHVH into plain English.


 The clearest Pictorial translation of YHVH, the Sacred Name of God is:

Behold the Hand!   Behold the Nail!


The Numbers

Now let’s examine the numbers that are embedded under each of the four letters in the name of YHVH, the sacred name that has been hidden behind the name LORD over 6000 times in Holy Scripture. 

The meaning of these numbers is based on exclusively how these numbers are used the Scriptures.  The Scriptures themselves are the second witness to the meaning of both the pictures and the numbers that are imbedded in each of the 22 letters in the Hebrew Alpha-Bet.


yood_letter Yood 10

Yood is also the number 10


Ten is one of four sacred numbers in Scripture and it means ORDINAL PERFECTION. So what does Ordinal Perfection mean? Ordinal Perfection is a Divinely Appointed Sequence of events that unfolds at exactly the right TIME. Yood, or the number 10, is a prophetic alert that there is going to be a sequence of events ordained by the Heavenly Father that will conclude in a divine work.  Notice how the picture of the hand doing a divine work and the meaning of the number 10 are complimentary. 


hey_letter Hey 5

Hey is also the number 5


Five is the number of Redemption and means GRACE or Unmerited Favor.


vav_letter Vav  6

Vav is also the number 6


Six is the number of fallen man and his world.


hey_letter Hey 5

Hey is also the number 5


And the final letter Hey as we already learned is also the number 5. The number of Redemption and GRACE or unmerited favor.


So let’s put the numbers together and see what message it reveals.


yood_letterYood 10 

 After a sequence of event at exactly the right Divinely Appointed TIME

hey_letter Hey 5

God will show Grace and FAVOR

vav_letter Vav  6

To Fallen Mankind

hey_letter Hey 5

A manifestation of DIVINE GRACE!


And how will we know when this season of Divine Grace is upon us? What will be the sign of this Divine Intervention that comes from the gracious heart of our Heavenly Father at exactly the right time manifesting unmerited Grace and Mercy? How will we know when the prophecy is fulfilled in time and space? 

The Picture language tells us. We are told to: Behold the Hand!   Behold the Nail!

The prophetic puzzle purposely hidden in the name that God revealed to man, the name YHVH is solved when we see the Savior lifted up on a Cross-with outstretched hands secured by an iron nail. This pictorial revelation sounded forth with each utterance and each textual reference to YHVH throughout the entire Ancient Prophetic Text of the Hebrew Scriptures that we call Old Testament.  You can hardly find a page in the original Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures where the prophetic harbinger being revealed in the name of YHVH is not present.   

Replace the title LORD in your English bible with the name YHVH and you can now hear the see the accomplishment of God’s gracious plan for mankind. Now we see the Messiah who came to save mankind echoing across the prophetic pages of the Old Testament just like Yeshua said it would be for those that searched the Scriptures.

You can now see what a marvel it is to meditate on the Name of YHVH. You can now see the prophetic harbinger displayed from the moment of the fall of creation when God revealed His name as YHVH.  The name echoes across the ages and finds its fulfillment on a cruel wooden cross where Yeshua accomplished our salvation. What do we see when we cast our gaze upon the Cross of Calvary?  We see the unfolding of the mystery of the sacred name of YHVH.  We see the hand willingly grasping the iron nail.  We see the fulfillment of a divine sequence of events designed by the creator of the universe in order that we might experience Eternal life. 

Consider the messages that this beacon broadcasts each time it is considered:

YHVH – Look for the Hand and the Nail and when you see it then Salvation has come to Israel and the entire world.

YHVH – At the Divinely Appointed time Salvation has come to mankind.

YHVH – A Saving Grace has been freely given to all men who look upon and Behold the Hand and the Nail with eyes of faith, and trusting hearts.  YHVH is our Salvation and Yeshua is His Name.


Behold Yeshua Ha-Maschiach


Now you know the mystery of Salvation hidden in plain sight and found on almost every page of the Ancient Prophetic Scriptures.


YHVH -Behold the Hand Behold the Nail!

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    Instead: יהוה; יהושע; Elohim. I will enjoy learning and confirming that which I don’t yet know and understand and that which I do. I have and continue to study various books in conjunction with the Word of Yahushuah written by various Messianic/ Hebrew Roots Torah Observant believers. תודה רבה בשם יהושע🤗!!

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