Hebrew Word Study – Compassion – Part I

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The Mystery of Compassion

and its connection with Eternity!

mem_2_letter chet_letterreysh_letter

    Mem     Chet       Reysh

     40            8           200



The first time the literal Hebrew word translated into English as Compassion appears on the pages of Scripture is in Deuteronomy 13:17b. It is there that we read:

That the Lord may turn from the fierceness of his anger, and shew thee mercy, and have compassion upon thee, and multiply thee, as he hath sworn unto thy fathers;

The entirety of Deuteronomy 13 is a Song of Moses in which he reveals the simple message that the Lord will not tolerate his people going after other so-called gods.  His warning is not only to the children of Israel, but to any so-called prophet or teacher that leads his children away from His way, even if they produce signs and wonders. The song of Moses prophesies that the children of Israel will not heed this warning and as a result will bring upon themselves dislocation, heartache, poverty, and too much sorrow to even innumerate. This is the context for the introduction of the Hebrew word literally translated Compassion.

The Hebrew word Compassion is composed of three letters that are also pictures and numbers. The three Hebrew Letters are Reysh, Chet and Mem.



mem_2_letter chet_letterreysh_letter


      reysh_letterReysh  200


                reysh_evil_picture reysh_good_picture


The first letter in the Hebrew word for Compassion is reysh_letter Reysh.  Reysh is pictured as a Person, or more accurately the Head of a Person.  It can be a picture of The Supreme – The First –  The Most Important – The Top –  the Master  – the Leader.  It is a picture of the Prince.

The question is, of what is he the Head or Prince?  Are we talking about the Prince of Heaven, or the Prince of the Power of the Air, the illegitimate ruler of this world? 


chet_letter Chet  8


Private – To Separate – To Protect – Place of Protection

To be cut off – Grace – Favor – A place of Refuge

A Protected Garden – Quiet Place – Silent and Still

in Security – Fence – Inner Room




The second letter in the Hebrew word for Compassion is chet_letter Chet.  Chet is pictured  as a fenced  or walled garden or inner room.  It means Private – To Separate – To Protect – Place of Protection – To be cut off – Grace – Favor – A place of Refuge – A Protected Garden – Quiet Place – A secure Sanctuary. 


mem_2_letter  Mem  40  


mem_water_picture mem_brook_picture

Liquid –  Mighty Waters like the Ocean

Massive as the waves of the Sea

Chaotic and Destructive like a Tsunami

Water coming down like a Stream Rain Water

that make the Desert Bloom

The Word of God that brings Life

Living Water – Waters


The third letter in the Hebrew for Compassion is mem_2_letter Mem.  Mem is pictured as  Liquid and is most often associated with Water, as the  Mighty Waters of the Ocean –  Massive as the waves of the Sea, Water that is Chaotic and Destructive like a Tsunami, or it can be the Water coming down like a stream, the gentle life-giving Rain Water that makes the Desert Bloom. The Word is also in view as the rain that brings life that come down from heaven.  So it could also be a picture of the Living Water.


     reysh_evil_picture   mem_water_picture

Reysh        Mem

Prince of Chaos


There is no mystery as to the meaning of the word composed of Mem Resh. The Reysh is the Prince. Mem in this context means confusion, chaos, deceit and death.

Reysh – Mem is the dark prince of the power of the air who brings nothing, only lies and death to those that serve and follow him. The picture of Compassion is the picture of the ideal, it is the Big Picture. The Big Picture is simply this: in the natural and without divine intervention, Man is on a pathway that leads to death and destruction.  He is in the power and shares the destiny of the Prince that he follows, the Prince of Chaos and Confusion.  The dark prince of Hell.

This simple Picture Truth is amplified by the Hebrew word for Deceit or Deceiver. The Hebrew word for Deceiver is Reysh Mem the same two letters that book-end the Hebrew word for Compassion.  One more letter is added to make clear the true identity of the great Deceiver, and that is the letter Hey.  The letter Hey is the picture of beholding or revealing.

The Deceiver

dalet_letter mem_2_letterhey_letter

Reysh           Mem                  Hey

Prince of Chaos Reveals Lies

So the Great Deceiver is pictured as Reysh the Prince of Mem Chaos and Confusion that Hey Reveals Lies.


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