Hebrew Word Study – Eden – Part VI

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The Garden of Eden No Longer Exists

The question is do the Hebrew letters that are also numbers contain any information that would be instructive or prophetic?

The answer is amazingly YES.

70 ayin_letter  Ayin

Ayin, the first letter in the Hebrew Word Eden, is also the number 70.  Based on how the number 70 is used in Scripture we are given an enormous clue that is surprisingly hopeful.  A meaning that is a prophecy we could never have dared to anticipate.

The number 70 is the number of Second Chances.  To be more Precise the number 70 as used in Scripture to mean reveal that there is a Perfect Spiritual Order that will be carried out with All Spiritual Power and Significance. 

Seventy is the number that forecasts both the punishment and the restoration of Israel.  The keyword here is Restoration.

Seventy is the number that not only represents the chosen people of Israel but it also represents all the nations of the world.

4  dalet_letter  Dalet

Dalet the second letter in the Hebrew Word Eden is also the number 4.  Based on how the number 4 is used in Scripture we know that 4 represents God's Creation.  It represents the World and it is the first number that can be divided. 

The number four forecasts that all mankind is in view.  It also forecasts division.  The Scriptures tell us How God Loved the World.  He did it with a supreme sacrifice of His own beloved son in order that men and women that believe in the Divine Work will be saved.  But not all men will put their trust in the means by which God showed His love to the world.  Sadly they will perish in their sins.  The number four is a harbinger of this sad fact.

50 noon_2_letter  Noon

The final letter in the Hebrew Word Eden is also the number 50.  Based on how the number 50 is used in Scripture we can have little doubt to its significance.  Five is the number that represents Grace.  Grace multiplied by the number 10, which is one of four sacred numbers that means Ordinal Perfection.  This information gives us the meaning in clear unambiguous terms.  The number 50 is the number that represents deliverance from slavery, the cancellation of debts, and freedom from the oppressors.  50 is the number of JUBILEE!

In a nutshell, the number 50 is a harbinger to the fact that Deliverance has come and it will be followed by Rest, a true Jubilee

For those of you that have read the Living Word in 3-D series, you know that more often than not the Picture meaning of a Hebrew word reveals the IDEAL. 

The number meaning of a Hebrew Word reveals the Theological.  And the ubiquitous theme of Theology that undergirds the Scripture is very clear in all three layers of the Hebrew language.

It is all about Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, Jesus the Christ and His Atoning Sacrifice accomplished in order to redeem fallen man from the slavery of sin and from the mastery of Satan.  It is all about adopted son-ship and it is all about Eternity to be spent in the presence of our loving Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit and The Only Begotten Son of God. 

Could the number meaning of Eden be any clearer? 

Eden exists no more but something much better; something that Eden was only meant to foreshadow is now a present reality.

The Lord Jesus Christ has opened the Doorway to Heaven and all those that follow him will find themselves with Him for eternity.  Nothing could be more wonderful than that!

Revelation 5:9 says it all.

And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

And now you know the picture and number meaning of Eden.  You have discovered the drama that took place east of Eden in a Garden that God planted in order that He might test man, disclose His insufficiency and ultimately redeem him with the only sufficient one, Jesus the Christ our Savior!

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