Hebrew Word Study – Eden – Part II

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Pictorial (Part II)


Eden is composed of the three Hebrew letters Ayin, Dalet and Noon.
Let’s take a look at the meaning of each letter for the Hebrew word EDEN.




noon_2_letterdalet_letter ayin_letter

Noon  Dalet  Ayin



Pictorial Meaning of EDEN


ayin_letter Ayin is pictured as an Eye and it means   To See – To Know – To Experience 

dalet_letter Dalet is pictured as a Door opening up to a Pathway

noon_2_letter Noon is pictured as a Fish and means Life and Activity.


Pictorial Translation of EDEN

    The Ideal

ayin_letter Ayin
To See
 To Know
To Experience


dalet_letter Dalet


noon_2_letter Noon


Picture Translation


The Picture translation of Eden is not hard to figure out.  Eden is the place where you would open the door and enter the pathway that led to Life.

When Adam sinned and chose the Pathway to Chaos, Confusion and Death the Doorway to life that was in Eden was closed, locked and heavily guarded.  It was no longer possible for man to enter into life through the doorway that was reserved for sinless, perfected creatures. 

Adam and Eve had been tested and found unworthy and unfit to enter into eternal life. 

Consider this!

Our first parents had been put into the Garden of Eden with all its delights and opportunities.  They had communed with God in sweet fellowship.  They had been given every privilege and had been loved by their creator without reserve. 

But even with all these advantages they knowingly and willfully disobeyed the one condition that would ensure their eternal happiness.  They lost confidence in their Creator and stopped trusting Him.  They believed the slander that was brought against God by the Serpent. 

They believed Satan who was busy planting seeds of doubt and mistrust regarding God’s motives. 

Ironically our first parents lost the very thing that would have awaited them had they passed the test.  If only they had sent the old Serpent on his way with an earful of insults for even suggesting that their gracious and kind Heavenly Father had anything but their best interest in His heart.

Sadly the promise of Eden was not to be.

If the past 6000 years of man has proven anything it has proven the utter and absolute insufficiency of man to live up to the righteous demands of a perfect and Holy God.  Man is incapable of saving himself, although he keeps coming up with systems and strategies inspired by man, fallen angels, and demons to try and do exactly that. 

You cannot travel far without passing a cemetery where the lie of Satan is routinely manifest for all mankind to consider. 

Satan is a liar, and apparently a pretty good one because even with all the evidence to the contrary, he has followers that number in the countless billions.

Adam and Eve stood before the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil that beckoned them to desire the fruit it bore. 

Eve believed the lie of Satan and soon the couple had taken the plunge into sin and rebellion that has put the entire world into a state of constant chaos and confusion that ends in death and sorrow.

To find out what the amazing story these three letters reveal, watch for Part III of the Hebrew word study of Eden.

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  1. Sidney Pope says:

    Great Truth! I started to follow this Hebrew study about 4 months ago, just Loving the Truth!

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