Hebrew Word Study – Mother

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Am/Em (Mother)



Primary Conventional Usage

The Hebrew word for Mother is Am (or Em). This Hebrew word occurs 25 times in the Scriptures in this base state (Em), and nearly 175 more times in variations (their mother, our mother, his mother, etc.), all of which are translated as "mother" in English. (Note: Deuteronomy 22:6-7 translate in the King James Version as "dam" instead of "mother." In middle-english, this word was used to describe a female creature.) It is highly interesting to note that where a personal pronoun is used (his, her, my) in conjunction with mother, the transliteration becomes "Emma" (or "immi") in the English. This is not too dissimmilar to the AB/ABBA discusion where we discuss the variation between AB and ABBA. 


First use of Hebrew Word Em (Mother) in Scriptures


And Adam called his wife's name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.  Genesis 3:20


In the conventional English text of the Hebrew scriptures, we have a definition of Eve as "the mother of all living." But what does "the mother of all living" really mean? Many have attempted to spin a story that there were humans created before Adam and Eve using poor exegetical exercises and stating that "man" was created in Genesis 1, and Adam and Eve were created later in Genesis 2. This view is in error, and we will not take the time to explore all the numerous problems this creates, but simply looking at Genesis 2:5 to see that there "was not a man to till the ground" should be a stong clue that Adam was the first man, and Eve his wife was the first woman. Thus, Eve truly is "the mother of all living" in every sense of the meaning.







Mem Aleph

13/40         1



Pictorial Meaning of Am (Mother)




Aleph  –  OX

Strong Leader – First – God the Father 



Mem  – Waters

Liquid –  Water


Pictorial Translation of AM (Mother) 


The Ideal




Strong Leader


God the Father  








Aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Bet and the literal picture is that of an OX.  The meaning would have been clear to the ancient Hebrew; as the Ox was the symbol of both position, strength and leadership.  The Ox leads the cows and calves in its herd to safe pastures and protects them from predators. 

Mem is the thirteenth letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.  The ancient Hebrew picture is that of waves of water and can either mean life-giving waters, or chaotic, destructive waters.


When you place these two letters together, you have the First or Strong Water-GIver. The Mother is the first one to give life. Think about the birthing process for a moment. A child grows and develops in the water held in the womb of the mother. Life is in this water, and many necessary compounds such as proteins and carbohydrates are absorbed by the child during development. Without these, the child would not grow, and would eventually die. The mother provides life-giving water to the new child, and even after birth this process continues as the child is nursed with the mother's milk.







Mem Aleph

13/40         1



Numeric Meaning of AM (Mother)




Diety – Unity – Sufficiency – Independence -The First Indivisible – God the Father




Trials – Probation, Chastisement but not Judgment  Action of Grace Resulting in Revival – Magnified Renewal An Extended Period of Rule or Dominion – Grace multiplied by Renewal (5 x 8) Probationary Period that results in Renewal



Numeric Translation of AM (Mother)

Theological and Prophetic


1 aleph_letter Aleph




The First Indivisible

God the Father


2  mem_2_letter  Mem



Magnified Renewal



Recall that the Hebrew method of numbers would adds the value of the numbers together.  So in Hebrew the Number 1 (Aleph) and the Number 13 (Mem) is the sum of both numbers.  1+13=14.


Am as a number is the number 14, the number of the letter Noon, which means life!


Final Summary Numeric Translation of Am/Em (Mother)


Conventional – Mother

Pictorial – First or Strong Water-Giver

Numeric – Life

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  1. Chara Johnstone says:

    Finding myself falling in love with Hebrew. I never gave 2 thoughts about the words that were in the Bible because English doesn’t have all those mystical meanings. But delving deep into these studies has been mind-blowing! Thank you for the opportunity to learn new and fascinating things!

  2. Hebrew is a wonderful summation to bring fourth a trustful way in thought, yet the perspective of how the Father reveals Himself to mankind’s understanding. I want to thank ‘living word’ for taking the time to bring the people of HaShem the Father, and His (WORD) which is life giving. SHALOM SHALOM!

  3. Justine says:

    Wonderful Blessings, this is the stuff I really want to know! It brings depth to Words and Scripture!

    God is Good!

  4. Jenny says:

    You simly cannot understand the bible unless you study the Hebrew word pictures and numerology. It is Gods perfect language and every letter has a deliberate place in each word. One word is a sermon! One word’s number is like the flesh upon the skeleton. There is a myriad of deeper studies to be gleaned by unlocking the mystery of each word.

  5. Leah Wennig says:

    Happy that I received this in my email. Very interesting and bringing back memories of a childhood I had in Philadelphia Pennsylvania living in a Jewish community. It was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had. Resulting in marrying a Jewish man.

  6. Wow I’m speechless,the Hebrew opens my Bible into a whole new Brighter picture. Deepening my desire. For more of his word. I cant or don’t. Want to stop my desire to learn more. I just wanna keep, keeping. On.

  7. Marie says:

    Not being able to afford the books to study Hebrew words and forgetting to,because the majority of my life taught in the church that I only needed the kjv to know the things of God. I continued to feel like there was more to know then I was receiving. Seeking God for the truth I was invited to an assembly that believe in the Hebrew teaching. So I say thank you for the e-mails that give me more of a desire to know more and more about Gods word.

  8. Cynthia says:

    I have subscribed to your site.
    I’m Very Interested in Learning all the different words.
    I love this site.

  9. Lena says:

    You get a whole new look and understanding of what a blessing it is to be a Mother. A Mother created by the Most High God, who put inside us as Mothers living waters to bring forth Life. This is a beautiful picture of Jesus and the Eternal Living Water that flows from Him as He Keeps us alive in Him…… Oh what a wonderful Saviour. Oh what a wonderful God

  10. Bonnie Buckhalter says:

    There were times when I read the holy scriptures that I would come across the part where there would be this long list given name after name ,and who begot who .I would sometimes skip over this part ,but it has recently come to my attention that names in the bible would always have a deepen meaning than its pronunciation ..They would often describe the character of the person ,or an event the person has lived out ,or will live out .This is fascinating so no more skipping over names in the Bible,,with research and proper study you can discover the Ramez (hidden layers) of the scriptures.

  11. Nona says:

    This is beautiful! Just to hear the Hebrew language spoken is like ointment to the soul. Thank you for posting these so much!

  12. Kimmie Bates says:

    I’m in LOVE with Hebrew word studies! Thank you for your site and wisdom! So glad I found you! <3 Go JESUS! <3

  13. Monica says:

    Love this! So rich. I have been wanting to know and learn more about Hebrew since a dear in Christ introduced it to me. Don’t know how I stumbled here, but I’m so glad God brought me here! Thank you soooooo very much this wonderful sight and sharing. It takes us so much deeper into His Great Powerful Word. Grace & Peace be unto You Always!

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