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AB/AV (Father)


Beyt  Aleph

2         1


Primary Conventional Usage

The Hebrew word for Father is AB (or AV). Contrary to popular belief, the word ABBA does not show up anywhere in the Hebrew Old Testament, but the word AB is used to describe Father. There is some controversy surrounding the word "Abba" and its origins. Many believe this was an Aramaic way to express a familiar title equivilent to "daddy," however, some evidence suggests otherwise. The thought of Abba being an Aramaic way of saying "Daddy" was the suggestion of a 20th century scholar, Jeremias, and was intended to be only this–a suggestion. The New Testament term ABBA (αββα in the Greek New Testament–always connected with "the Father") was thought to be "partnered" with the term "pater" (father) to help the Greeks understand that Abba meant father, but it seems strangly out of place–especially in light of the fact that in the English, Abba is transliterated, while pater is translated.

Regardless of the etymological evidence, modern Hebrew today uses the word Abba as an intimate reference to father (daddy or papa), so it is also possible that oral tradition has carried this down from native Hebrew speakers throughout the generations.

Let's look at the Ancient Hebrew as it relates to Ab. In the Conventional Hebrew, father is a word we all understand.  If someone is the father, he has children.  A father is the head of a family. 

We think of God as the father of His people.  It is a word that presupposes relationships that connect one person who is the head or chief person to other people by natural birth; adoption of national kinship. 


First use of Hebrew Word AB (Father) in Scriptures


Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.  Genesis 2:24







Beyt  Aleph

2         1



Pictorial Meaning of AB (Father)



Aleph  –  OX

Strong Leader – First – God the Father 



Beyt  – Tent / House

House – Tent – Son – Family – Son of God  


Pictorial Translation of AB(Father) 


The Ideal




Strong Leader


God the Father  








Son of God  


Aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Bet and the literal picture is that of an OX.  The meaning would have been clear to the ancient Hebrew; as the Ox was the symbol of both strength and leadership.  The Ox leads the cows and calves in its herd to safe pastures and protects them from predators. 

Beyt is the second letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.  The picture is literally of a house or tent.


Put the two letters together and you have the Strong Leader and Protector of the House or Household







Beyt  Aleph

2         1



Numeric Meaning of AB (Father)




Diety – Unity – Sufficiency – Independence -The First Indivisible – God the Father




Difference – Good or Evil – Division – Living Word – Second – To Come Alongside for Help – God the Son



Numeric Translation of AB (Father)

Theological and Prophetic


1 aleph_letter Aleph




The First Indivisible

God the Father


2  beyt_letter  Beyt


 Good or Evil  


Living Word  


To Come Alongside for Help  

God the Son


Important Revelation Regarding AB


Because in Hebrew the Letters are also numbers the first question we should ask is what number is AB or Aleph Beyt?

If Aleph is 1 and Beyt is 2, are we looking at the number 12? The answer is NO. 

The Hebrew method of numbers would add the value of the numbers together.  So in Hebrew the Number 1 (Aleph) and the Number 2 (Beyt) is the sum of both numbers.  1+2=3


Ab as a number is the NUMBER THREE!


The house of the Father has a third resident which makes the household complete and perfect.  And who is that person?

1aleph_letter  – God The Father


2 beyt_letter – God the Son


3 gimel_letter  – God the Holy Spirit


The primary picture of Gimel the letter (also the number 3) is to Lift UP or Benefit – What a picture of the Holy Spirit!


Final Summary Numeric Translation of Abba (Father)


Conventional – Father

Pictorial – Strong leader of the House

Numeric – Father; Son and Holy Spirit

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  1. Dalyn says:

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  2. How enlightening this picture of The Father is! I believe there must be similar linguistic proof thst His creating us in His own image means that we are also tripartite in nature. Body-Soul-Spirit.. proof of that will help solve the Calvin- Wesleyan division as that will encompass and incorporate the proof texts of both sides.

  3. Bill says:

    Awesome! Wow wow wow! Love this!!!

  4. Frank Edwards says:

    Both the definition and explanation was incredible and the pictorial numerics or just a blessing an illustration to bring it all together. I can only think my Lord and Savior for coming across this because I learnt more about the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit in a matter of 15 minutes than I ever knew before, thank you!

  5. Carmen Beck says:

    Awesome truth!!!!

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    ABBA is the JOY OF MY LIFE….Thank you for this teaching … Which book is this in??? I would love to study the pictorials … SHALOM!!

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    Excellent, makes me understand the title even more. Also endears it even more to me. Always loved using it, now it makes sense why!!!

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  12. Beautiful! I just love the study of the ancient Hebrew!

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    Thsee studies are what I’ve longed for for so long. Thank you!

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    Thank you, I’ve enjoyed studying this. It helps me to understand the trinity better.

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  19. This is the most enlightening study I have ever seen. I’m delighted every time I see another on Facebook. I can’t wait each time and I want to know more, go deeper and deeper into his word. This is the perfect type of lessons for me. I learn so many things that are provoked me to go out to book stores trying to find a book like this. It was suggested I go to a temple. I haven’t been yet. Thank you for giving us another more spiritual way to understand my LORD.

  20. Janet Goodwin says:

    Very interesting!

  21. Thebe Pitse says:

    I am studying Matthew and was amazed at the order of
    1 .The teaching on prayer, 6v9
    2. Priority of Kingdom citizens, 6v33
    This made me to study the Hebrew origin of Father.

    Wooow, this is breathing!

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    Wow this awesome now I understand why Jesus said baptized in the name of the Father the Son & the Holy Spirit.God bless u.

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