The Garden Language-Part III

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Did the Language of the Garden of Eden Survive the Fall of Adam?


Hebrew is a language like no other language.

 I believe it was a language designed for the Garden of Eden before the fall and also for the sinful world that followed the rebellion of Adam.  A new world that now only grudgingly assisted man in his newly found business of just surviving until the next sunrise.

The gift of language given to Adam was preserved on the ark by Noah, his wife, three sons and their wives. (Read Genesis 5 and you will see the direct line from Adam to Noah.)  If you add up the genealogies you will discover that Adam was alive at the same time Enoch was alive.  Enoch was the 7th from Adam.  Enoch was the great-great Grandfather of Noah, and his son Methuselah died the same week that Noah entered into the ark. 

And what language do you imagine they were speaking? 

The language of the Garden of Eden of course.  The language that survived the flood and was not confused until Nimrod defied God and began building the Tower of Babel.

The gift of the Garden Language was passed from Noah down to his great-great-grandson Eber who refused, according to the book of Jasher, to participate in the vain plot to try and invade heaven and kill God.  A plot hatched and orchestrated by Nimrod and put on display in the valley of Shinar.  The gift was then passed on to Abraham and then finally to Moses. 

  • The language of the Garden given freely to Adam was the means of communication as Adam walked with the LORD in the Garden and fellowshipped with His Creator by means of this precise and pure language. 
  • The language did not have a name before the flood, as it was the only language spoken in the world before the flood.  It was simply the language that Adam brought out of the Garden. 
  • This pure language was the one remaining gift that was unmolested by the ravages of sin and rebellion.  It was the Word that would tether Adam and Eve to the persistent and always present hope mixed with regret and sorrow.  It was the language that expressed a hope that one day the LORD would return man to the garden. 

What God had in mind for mankind was much more bountiful than all the splendors of the Garden.   Adam and Eve could not dream past the one spotless and uncorrupted memory they still retained, life in the Garden. 

Hot Burning Flames!

The Garden of Eden before the deception orchestrated by the Serpent and the rebellion of Adam was never to be forgotten by our first parents.  It was an aspiration that God purposely kept alive as He fanned the flames of expectation.  And how was that desire fanned into a hot burning flame?

It happened just before Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden.  It came by way of words, the words of the first prophecy revealed in the Conventional Hebrew language.  The same language that was spoken letter by letter to Moses.  The language preserved in the ancient manuscripts with a rigor that has never been repeated by any other nation. 

It is the same language that records the first Messianic Prophetic Harbinger found in the Conventional Hebrew as recorded by Moses in the first book of the Ancient Prophetic Text we call Genesis.

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