The Garden Language – Part IV

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What is the Language of the Garden of Eden called today?


The Conventional Hebrew Text is the language we are familiar with.  It is the language that was both written by hand, letter by letter and also spoken in the Garden of Eden over 6000 years ago.  It is the pure language spoken today in the land we call Israel. 

The appearance of the Conventional Text has changed over time.  The Modern block Hebrew we see today looks nothing like the original Hebrew we call the Paleo-Hebrew or the Proto-Canaanite Hebrew. 

Why is this important? 

It is important because it is the ancient Hebrew, the language that was handed down to Abram and Eber the great-grandson of Noah.  Eber is the root name from which we get the name Hebrew. 

And who is the first Hebrew identified in the Scriptures? 

It is none other than Abram who became Abraham.

And there came one that had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew; Genesis 14:13

The Script or the letters of the language given to Abram had three layers. 

  • Underneath the Conventional Hebrew language, there are twenty-two pictures, one for each letter in the Hebrew alphabet. 
  • In addition, each Hebrew letter is also a Number. 
  • The Pictures and Numbers are not elements that were added to the Hebrew language, they were in place from the beginning in order to accomplish God’s redemptive plan.
  • The pictures for each letter anchor the meaning of the letter so it would not drift as other languages have over time.  The numbers have a meaning based on how they are used in the very Scriptures that contain them. 

In summary…

God created a language that would survive intact the ravages of time and culture in order that His message would never ever be corrupted but instead preserved based on His creative three-fold layering of the written word.

In this article, we are going to explore the Messianic Prophetic Harbingers revealed by God to man through the Hebrew Scriptures.  We will view them through the lens of an English translation of the Hebrew. We will be using the King James translation of the Hebrew along with the original Hebrew. 

In addition, we will be looking at KEYWORDS in the Conventional Hebrew Text and examining what they mean by examining the second and third layers of language revealed by God in the Hebrew.  Those languages are the Language of Pictures and the Language of Numbers.

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