The Garden Language – Part VI

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Was the Language of the Garden Preserved for a Faithful Remnant?


Simple logic and the historical record as reported in the Book of Jasher (referenced several times in the Old Testament) record the fact that Noah and his immediate family did not participate in the building of Nimrod's tower.   

Noah and his family did not stop speaking the language of the Garden of Eden at the moment God confused the language at the tower of Babel.  The confused languages that sent men in all directions was a corrupted language that had its roots in the language of the Garden of Eden.  The confused languages that God used to coalesce the people into "nation groups" was a language that no longer possessed the same unique revelatory design of the PURE language spoken in the Garden of Eden.  

Noah and his family retained the precious gift that was first given to Adam, the language of the Garden.  This language was passed on to Abraham, Isaac and finally Jacob.  Jacob is the one who was renamed Israel.

What is the JUDGMENT for the crime?

When God confused the languages of rebellious men at the tower of Babel, He removed from those men the language of the Garden.  Mankind had, in less than 600 years after the flood, returned to the same pagan idolatry that brought judgment on the world in the first place.  What was the judgment for this crime against the Creator?    The answer is that He confused their language and thereby removed His Word from their vocabulary.  In short, they were sentenced to a spiritual judicial blindness

God's Pure Language

That Pure Language was preserved by a faithful remnant that worshiped God alone and refused to become embroiled in the rebellion of Nimrod.  Noah and his family, including Shem and Eber, did not sanction or participate in the construction of Nimrod’s “star gate” designed to breach the heavens in order to put them in contact with the ancient gods (fallen angels).  

What was the ultimate goal of Nimrod's tower?  It was constructed in order to crash the gates of heaven, invade heaven and destroy the Creator God.

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