The Garden Language – Part V

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How do you know that Hebrew is the

Original Language of the Garden of Eden?


If you take the position, as I have, that the language we know as Hebrew was the same language spoken in the Garden of Eden then you need to be prepared for some pushback from the skeptics.


Many language and linguistic experts believe that Hebrew is a crude, unpolished language that owes its origins to the Sumerian, Egyptians and Chinese pictographic languages. These language scholars point out the complexity of those pictographic languages and assume that Hebrew with its simple childlike pictures must have been an inferior “spin off” of the more sophisticated and complex pictographic languages that sprang forth as man evolved into more intelligent and technologically advanced people groups. Christians who believe the Bible understand that all these language groups including the Egyptian, Sumerian and Chinese while similar in some ways to the original language of the Garden of Eden were confused and corrupted after the Tower of Babel. 

I am very aware that “history” and “archeology” will confess to anything, if you torture them long enough.

The question is what does the “history of language” look like if we operate under a completely different historical time-line, the one outlined in the Ancient Prophetic Scriptures? 

The history of language that emerges from a “biblical literalist” vantage point gives us complete confidence that the language spoken by Adam and Eve as they communicated face to face with God is the same language God revealed in over 99.9% of His Ancient Prophetic Scriptures we know as the Old Testament.

As a proof footnote:  Zephaniah the prophet of God foretold that a day was coming in the future when the Jews would be re-gathered to the land of Israel where they would communicate in the “Pure Language.”  For millennium, literal bible scholars speculated and some wondered what Pure Language God had in mind for the last days when He would regather His scattered chosen people from every nation on earth.

The re-gathering foretold by the prophet Zephaniah happened in 1948 and we can state with 100% confidence that the language spoken in Israel today is Hebrew, the same language that Adam spoke both in the Garden of Eden and outside the Garden of Eden.  The Pure Language spoken of by the prophet Zephaniah has been identified.  It is the same pure language spoken in the Garden, the same language preserved on the Ark.  The same pure language preserved when God confused the languages at Babel.  The Hebrew language.

There is nothing in the Scriptures that even hints that the language spoken in the Garden of Eden was not the same language that crossed over on the ark with Noah and was spoken at the time Nimrod began building the Tower of Babel.   There were not multiple languages spoken in the ante-diluvium age; only one language was spoken.  The language spoken was the language gifted to Adam from the moment he was created.

If you think that God confused the “Pure Language” during the reign of Nimod on the earth, you are correct. 

If you think that the language spoken in the Garden ceased to exist after the confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel then you are wrong.

Noah, who lived to be 950 years old, and his sons and grandsons, were alive and well during the era of Nimrod.  They lived to see with their own eyes the episode recorded in the Bible under the title of Babel. 

Stay tuned for part 6 in the series, "The Scarlet Thread."

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  1. Ann Hudnut says:

    Very interesting indeed

  2. Dr. Bobby Adams says:

    I totally agree with you. Thank you for addressing this issue

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