The Sacred Name of God – Part 8

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The Sacred Name of God-What does it mean?


Those that translated the Scriptures into English for reasons I do not fully understand, hid the name of YHVH behind the title LORD.  Did YHVH command us to hide His name?  A thousand times NO.  Literally more than a thousand times the name of YHVH is openly declared in the Holy Scriptures.  Far from being told to HIDE His Sacred Name we are told to declare it to the entire world.  WHY?  Because it is the name of the only one who can bring the dead back to life.  




Hey  Vav   Hey  Yood

5      6       5        10


Primary Conventional Usage

YHVH is the Sacred Name of God that is revealed over 6800 times in the Old Testament.  Almost all English versions of the Scripture have replaced the Sacred Name YHVH with the title (not a name) LORD.


The commonly held view of what the name YHVH is a name that may have been derived from a verb that means "to be", "exist", "become", or "come to pass".


First Use of the Sacred Name YHVH in Scripture


Genesis 2:4 (KJV with title LORD replaced with HIS true name YHVH)

These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the YHVH (Lord) God made the earth and the heavens.


You are about to discover the reason that YHVH did not want His name hidden.  The key to understanding this mystery is in the message hidden in the name, the Messianic Message for all the ages!  Let’s begin by looking at the Amazing Prophetic Harbinger found in the Picture Language of the name of YHVH.





Hey  Vav   Hey  Yood

5      6       5        10



Pictorial Meaning of YHVH

yood_letter yood_hand_picture Yood  – To Work – A Mighty Deed – To Make   Hand

 hey_letterhey_pictureHey  Reveal – Look – Holy Spirit   Behold

vav_letter  vav_picture Vav  Add – To Secure – Wooden Hook – Wooden Peg   Iron Nail

hey_letterhey_picture  Hey  Reveal – Look – Holy Spirit   Behold



Pictorial Translation of YHVH



yood_letter Yood 










Iron Nail 






Behold the Hand!

Behold the Nail!



My mouth shall speak the praise of YHVH and let all flesh bless his holy name for ever and ever.  Psalms 145:21






Hey  Vav   Hey  Yood

5      6       5        10




Numeric Meaning of YHVH


10  yood_letter  Yood   Perfection of Divine Order – Completeness of order
                               Testimony – The Law – Responsibility  Ordinal Perfection


5  hey_letter  Hey    Unmerited Favor – God's Goodness – Pentateuch
                            Divine Strength – The Fifth – Grace

6  vav_letterVav   Enmity with God – Weakness of Man – Manifestation of Sin
                           Evils of Satan – Falling short – Preservation – Imperfection
                           Labor – Sorrow – Number of Man
                           Secular completeness – The Sixth – Man’s World

5 hey_letter  Hey    Unmerited Favor – God's Goodness – Pentateuch
                            Divine Strength – The Fifth – Grace



Numeric Translation of YHVH


10  yood_letter  Yood  

After a Divinely Appointed Sequence of Events and at Exactly the Right TIME


5   hey_letter  Hey    

God will show Unmerited FAVOR


6   vav_letter   Vav   

To the fallen Sinful World of MAN


5   hey_letter  Hey    

At the Appointed Time, Man will Witness a Divine manifestation of GRACE!


At a Divinely Appointed TIME
God will show FAVOR
 To the world of fallen and helpless MANKIND
And it will be a Divine manifestation of GRACE!





Prior to the sacrificial death of the Messiah (Ha-Mashiach, aka The Christ) the Mystery Message that sounded forth with each utterance and each textual reference to YHVH!   The Pictures and the Numbers announced the coming Redeemer.






Behold the Mystery of the Hand and the Nail!


From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same, the name YHVH is to be praised.  Psalms 113:3 (KVJ with title Lord replaced by the Sacred Name of God)

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