The Mysterious connection-Salvation and Redemption-Part 1

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The Mysterious connection between Redemption, Salvation, Messiah and the Sacred name of God!


The connection between the two words Redemption and Salvation, the sacred name of God (YHVH) and Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, is both wondrous and prophetic.  To unwind these connections we will begin with information that some may consider coincidental and unconvincing. 


By the time we have finished this 8 part series I think you will see that there is overwhelming evidence that God has gone to great lengths to make the connection between His most sacred name and His sacred act of Atonement and Salvation bound together with cords of revelation.  So without apology, I will begin unwinding this mystery by starting with what some might consider to be obscure connecting points.  I would ask the reader to stay tuned as the coming weeks will unfold a mystery so incredible that you will never look at the words Redemption and Salvation the same way again.   


If we were to select two words that everyone could agree upon that best describe the work of the long expected Messiah Ha-Mashiach, those words would be Redemption and Salvation. This would include variations on those words including Redeemer, Redeemed, and Savior.


As we continue to pull on the threads that bind the sacred name of YHVH to the advent of the Messiah Ha-Mashiach, we might reasonably expect the titles of Redemption and Salvation to be in close proximity and in association to the sacred name of YHVH. 


If this were true it would further bolster the mounting evidence that YHVH was not only the sacred name of God but also a brightly lit signpost that announced ahead of time how we might recognize the Messiah Ha-Mashiach. 


Just so we would not miss it, the message in the name of YHVH was announced over 6800 times in the ancient prophetic scriptures.  Do you know what that message is?   In the coming weeks as we post this series, the stunning and amazing answer will be disclosed.  In the meantime let’s set the stage for the incredible drama that is going to play out as we discover the mysteries hidden in the names of all the words that are connected with your salvation.


Let’s begin with some simple questions.

Do the ancient prophetic scriptures link the title Redeemer to YHVH?

The word Redeemer is made up of three Hebrew letters. They are Gimel, Aleph and Lamed.





The word Redeemer is found 18 times in the ancient prophetic text of the Old Testament.  A gem worth meditating upon as we examine the title Redeemer is that the number 18, the number of times the Hebrew word Salvation is found in the Old Testament, has a numeric meaning in scripture. And what is that meaning associated with the number 18? The number 18 is used in the scriptures to mean BONDAGE. 

And what does a Redeemer do? He liberates the captives from bondage.

Of the 18 times that the Hebrew word Redeemer (Gimel, Aleph, and Lamed) is found in the ancient prophetic scriptures, 15 of those times it is used in connection with YHVH. The number 15 based on its usage in scripture has the numeric meaning of Grace Multiplied. Five is the number of Grace and Three is one of four sacred numbers that signifies Divine Perfection. Three Fives or 3×5 has the meaning of Divine Rest brought about by the energy of Divine Grace associated with perfect timing, or a perfect time ushering in ETERNALITY. Eight plus Seven equals 15 (8+7). Eight has the scriptural meaning of Eternality and Seven is one of the four perfect numbers that means Spiritual Perfection. The number 15 bears the special mark of this Grace or Gracious act which is the act of Resurrection issuing in Glory and Rest. 


And as long as we are at it let me allow you to glimpse another facet of this jewel. 


Q. What does a Redeemer do? 

A. He Redeems. 


Q. And what do you call the ones whom the Redeemer Redeems? 

A. They are called the Redeemed. 


Q. And how many times does the Greek word Redeemed show up in the New Testament?

A.  Seven


Q. And what does the sacred number seven mean?

A.  Spiritual Perfection, Completeness & Resurrection


We have only just begun this study and I would ask you to stay tuned to the articles that will be coming in the next couple of weeks.  There is much more!

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