The Mystery of the “WHAT IS IT?” – Part 9 – The Messianic Numbers Hidden in the Tolath

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Now let's take a look at what the numbers hidden under each letter in the Hebrew word translated in the KJV.


The NUMBERS of the Hebrew Word Tolath Worm found in Psalm 22:6 and simply translated as Worm in the KJV.





Tav  Ayin  Lamed  Vav  Tav

 400   70       30        6   400



400 tav_letter Tav

The Last, The End – Period of Testing
Period of Probation in order to Accomplish a Divine Purpose
Jubilee (50) multiplied by New Birth or Eternity (8)
A Divinely Ordained Period of Time that will bring about
Deliverance and Renewal.


6 vav_letter Vav

Enmity with God – Weakness of Man – Imperfection
Manifestation of Sin- Evils of Satan – Falling short
Preservation – Labor – Sorrow – The Sixth
Number of Man-Secular completeness
Man’s World



30lamed_letter Lamed

Blood of Christ; Dedication (3×10)
Magnified Perfection of the Divine Order
Marking the Right Moment – Blood Sacrifice


70 ayin_letter  Ayin

Punishment and restoration of Israel
Universality – The Seventy Nations
Representing the Nations of the World
Perfect Spiritual Order Carried out with
All Spiritual Power and Significance


400 tav_letter Tav

The Last, The End – Period of Testing
Period of Probation in order to accomplish a Divine Purpose
Jubilee (50) multiplied by New Birth or Eternity (8)
A Divinely Ordained Period of Time that will bring about
Deliverance and Renewal.


There are a number of things that jump out at me when I look at the numbers connected with the Tola Worm. 

  1. The first thing I notice is that all these numbers are connected in one way or another with TIME.
  2. The second thing I notice is the PROPHETIC nature of the numeric disclosure.
  3. The third thing I notice is the Supernatural Spiritual Significance hidden in the five numbers of the Hebrew word for the Worm.
  4. The fourth thing I notice is the number of letters in the disclosure.  The Hebrew Word for Worm has four letters.  Four is the number of Creation.  In the rendering of the TOLA in Psalm 22:6, another letter, the letter Tav is repeated at the end of the word making it a word with FIVE numbers.  Five is the number that follows Creation.  Five is the number of GRACE.

There are a lot of people who would chalk this all up to coincidence or the fanciful idea that you can make numbers and pictures mean anything you want them to mean.  As you consider the possibility that this is all just a cleverly designed fiction, which is always the response you are going to get from the unbelieving skeptic, I would ask you to consider the following facts and then ask yourself this question.  When does this become so overwhelming as a revelation that any other explanation borders on being ludicrous?

Consider the pieces that are now falling into place.

  1. The reference to the Tolath worm is right in the middle of the one passage in all of Scripture that is so descriptive of the events that actually happened on and under the Cross of Calvary.
  2. The reference to the Tolath worm is obviously a direct statement by the pre-existing Messiah who is coming to earth with the objective of fulfilling the very Scriptures that have been heralding his arrival.
  3. The Tolath Worm’s first mention is directly connected in a miraculous way to the miraculous Manna that Yeshua announces is a picture of Himself.
  4. The Tolath Worm is rare and is connected directly with Israel and is hardly if ever found outside the immediate geography of the Holy Land.
  5. The Tolath Worm is crushed and its blood is used to dye the Priestly garments.
  6. The blood of the Tolath Worm when used as a Crimson Red dye will not fade and cannot be washed away.
  7. The Tolath Worm gives up its life for its children who survive by eating the blood that the Tola worm sheds in order that its children might live.
  8. The Tolath Worm attaches itself to a tree and after feeding its children on its blood, remains on the tree as a Crimson stain only to turn white after three days and then flake off and fall like a snowflake to the ground.
  9. In the Picture Language of the Tolath, the Hebrew word begins and ends with the picture of Crossed Wooden Sticks, a Cross.
  10. The Picture language of the Tolath in Hebrew describes the VOICE of AUTHORITY being secured to a CROSS by and IRON NAIL.
  11. The Picture language of the Tolath in the FOURTH letter of the Hebrew Word, the number of Creation makes reference to both SEEING and EXERIENCING.  The Messiah was lifted up on the cursed tree to be SEEN by His Creation. He also became a man and as the Incarnate Son of Man experienced the agony of the CROSS.


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