The Mystery of the “WHAT IS IT?” – Part 8 – The Messianic Prophetic Harbinger

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The Messianic Prophetic Harbinger  found in the Picture Language of the Tola Worm

Is there a Revelation in the Picture and Number Language of the Hebrew Word TOLA. The first thing we notice is that the name of the Worm in Hebrew has had a letter added.  It has gone from being the Tola Worm to the Tolath Worm.  Is this significant.  It may appear to be a trivial matter but actually it is very significant.  Does the word Tolath mean something different than Tola?   The answer is yes and no.  The Word in Hebrew found in Psalm 22:6 can be literally translated “WORM OF.”  You will understand why the Holy Spirit revealed the extra TAV in the name of the Tola Worm as you continue to read this article.

Let’s take a look at the Picture Meaning of the Hebrew Word Tolath or THULOTH as it is literally rendered in the Hebrew.


Tolath – Thuloth
Tav  Ayin  Lamed  Vav  Tav





Crossed Wooden Sticks –
To Seal – To Covenant – A Sign





To Add – To Secure – To Join Together – To Make Secure
To Bind Together – To Create a Connection between
Two things that are separated from each other
Wooden Hook – Wooden Peg – To Hold Up
Iron Nail





Control – To Shepherd
To Have Authority – To Urge Forward
The tongue – The Voice of Authority





To See – To Know – To Experience





Crossed Wooden Sticks –
To Seal – To Covenant – A Sign 


Let’s examine all the Pictures hidden beneath each letter of the Tolath Worm as revealed in Psalms 22:6.  Where the Tola Worm is revealed as the WORM OF or the Tolath.


Tav the first letter/picture is of wooden crossed sticks or a cross.  The meaning is a SIGN or a Covenant
Vav the second letter/picture is of an IRON NAIL.  The meaning is to attach.
Lamed the third letter/picture is of a STAFF.  The meaning is the Voice of Authority.
Ayin the fourth letter in the letter/picture is of an EYE.  The meaning is to SEE or to EXPERIENCE
Tav the final and fifth letter/picture is of wooden crossed sticks or a cross.  The meaning is a  SIGN or a Covenant.


Before we translate the Picture message hidden in the Hebrew Word TOLATH.  The very word that was used prophetically as a picture of the suffering savior on the cross of Calvary, I want you to notice the following:

  1. Notice that the Hebrew word for WORM found in Psalm 22 is surrounded by the Cross, the Sign and the Covenant.
  2. The second thing to notice is that the fourth letter AYIN can mean to both SEE and to PERSONALLY EXPERIENCE.  Consider that the Cross of Calvary was Experienced by the Son of God and was meant to be SEEN by mankind.
  3. The third thing to notice is that the VAV or the IRON NAIL connects the CROSS or the COVENANT or the SIGN with the VOICE OF AUTHORITY as pictured by the STAFF.

Remember that the name of GOD in Hebrew is ALEPH LAMED HEY. Aleph is God the Father, Lamed the voice that created all things is GOD THE SON and Hey the Revealer is GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT. Who does the Iron Nail,GOD THE SON the VOICE OF AUTHORITY, connect? The Translation of the Picture Meaning of TOLATH is clear to anyone who understands the point and purpose of all the prophecies in the Old Testament.

The Son of God who is the Voice of Authority Experiences the Cross of Calvary in order to fulfill the Covenant that God made with Eve. We are to view the fulfillment of that Promise as we View the Son of God hanging on the cursed wooden tree. This is what we are meant to understand when we hear the prophetic harbinger in Psalm 22:6.

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    This is AWESOME! WOW!! I can’t wait to share this with anyone who will listen! Brilliant!! I love it! Thank you so much for bringing this amazing translation to the people!

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