The Mystery of the “WHAT IS IT?” – Part 3

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There remains one more mystery to solve. The mystery contained the two Hebrew letters that compose the three-layered language of Hebrew.

We have looked at the meaning of Manna in the Conventional language. Manna literally means, “What is it?” 

We have looked at the meaning of Manna in the Picture language.


As a Picture, Manna is mem_letter Mem or Rain that brings noon_2_letter Noon or Life.


Manna is the mystery that falls like rain from the heavens and brings with it life and sustenance. So what do the Numbers in the two Hebrew letters mean?

Let’s find out.


40 mem_letter


Trials – Probation 

Chastisement but not Judgment

  Grace Resulting in Revival & Renewal

An Extended Period of Rule or Dominion

Grace multiplied by Renewal (5 x 8)

Probationary Period that results in Renewal


50  noon_2_letter  


Holy Spirit – Pentecost – Deliverance

Followed by Rest – Grace Multiplied



If you take a moment and carefully look at all the possible meanings of the biblical numbers, the big idea immediately begins to emerge. The two concepts that are connected with the numbers 40 and 50 are Probation and Deliverance. Remember that the meaning of biblical numbers is exclusively based on how those numbers are used in scripture.


How many years did the children of Israel wander in the wilderness?  The answer is 40. How many years did the children of Israel eat Manna in the wilderness? The answer is 40. What does the number 40 mean? The answer is that 40 is a number that signifies a time of testing or probation but not for the purpose of destruction but instead to accomplish renewal and deliverance. The first letter in the Hebrew word for Manna is Mem. Mem is also the number 40.

Do you see the connection?

The second letter in the Hebrew word for Manna is Noon.  Noon is also the number 50. 50 is the number of multiplied grace. It is the number of deliverance and rest. It is the number of Jubilee.

Do you see the connection AGAIN?

The number message in the name of Manna is very clear. 40 = Probation followed by 50 = Deliverance.

The thing that is interesting about these two numbers is that they are not only prophetic in terms of the ultimate outcome of the wilderness wandering, but they are also prophetic in terms of the timing of the probationary period. It was forty years.

Now it must be admitted that the following is speculation. But could there be another time period in view in the prophetic numbers connected with the Messianic Manna?

The Jews wandered in unbelief for 40 years. What happens when you put probation together with grace? Forty Fifties is 2000.  A period of testing mixed with grace? When would that period start and what would it be predictive of?

Could it be a period of time that starts after the Messiah finishes His atoning work on the cross and ends with the gathering of His Church? Could we be living in the final years before the prophetic clock ticks off the final moments before the Heavenly Father tells His son to gather up His church? Did the 2000-year countdown begin in 32 AD? 

Look up Christian, your redemption draweth nigh!

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